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Make-ahead sides

While every family has their rock solid traditions, you can still find ways of adding creativity and new flavors to your menu of side dishes. Each of these has a convenient make-ahead option, too.

One ingredient five ways: butternut squash

There's no shortage of tasty ways to enjoy the sweet and slightly nutty flavor of butternut squash, from creamy risotto to a hearty salad.

Not your ordinary onion

Get tips for selecting, storing and prepping the humble onion. Plus try our recipe for Red Onion Jam.

What's in store

Discover gorgeous gift wrap and locally made cards, plus little pots of fresh culinary herbs and oversize bottles of delicious Austrian wine.

Simply spectacular shortcuts

Make the holidays less hectic by incorporating a few easy shortcuts into your meal planning. We have quality options in our grocery department that will save you time without compromising taste.

Dessert wine cocktails

Shake up fun and festive cocktails with sherry and vermouth and discover four of our favorite bottles for winter.

Easy weeknight meal: Shepherd's Pie

This cozy dish can be made in advance and frozen for a quick dinner when you need it.

Gravy worth gobbling

With just three required ingredients, classic gravy should be foolproof. Take a deep breath and follow these five simple steps.

PCC bulk spotlight: quinoa

Learn about the types we offer, and discover delicious recipes, including the most popular recipe of our entire website.

Classic sandwiches with a turkey twist

Inspired by some of the world's great sandwiches, these suggestions will take your leftover turkey in a whole new direction. Plan for leftovers!

Community and features

Learn simple ways of encouraging kids to join you in the kitchen for the holidays and check out a special offer from Amtrak.

Eat onions and garlic for your health

The health benefits of garlic and onions have been recognized throughout history. Learn about the antioxidants and immune boosters they offer plus find out how to maximize their flavor in cooking.


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