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Big apple flavor

Washington's famous fruit deserves a place in savory cooking, where apples pair beautifully with cheeses, root vegetables and more. Try four tasty recipes.

Top tips for cooking with cheese

Gooey, creamy melted cheese falls into the "irresistible" category for many people, but there are key tips to get your sauces and sandwiches just right every time.

Pasta amore

Explore a world of pasta at PCC, from gluten-free noodles galore to artisan pasta traditionally crafted in Italy.

DIY pumpkin purée

It's easy to stock your freezer with homemade purée — or just use a can of organic pumpkin in our delectable breakfast recipes for pumpkin lovers.

What's in store

Explore short-season fresh hop ales, discover fun goodies for Halloween, and learn about cozy, U.S.-made Goodhew socks.

Chop, chop

Say goodbye to dry, overcooked chops and discover five recipes for specific cuts.

Bulk spotlight: Cardamom

The all-star ingredient in chai, cardamom is a sweet, punchy and deliciously complex spice that can brighten up your pantry. Get tips on how to use it.

Pick the perfect apple

Check out the flavor profiles for three popular varieties plus recipes for each kind of apple.

One ingredient five ways: carrots

Nash's famous organic carrots are back in season! Don't miss out on fun recipes that make the most of these beauties, including Carrot Cake Waffles.

Goodnight, sleep tight

PCC has an assortment of natural and safe herbal supplements that are designed to aid in rest and relaxation. Here are a few of our favorites.

Community and features

It's an event-packed month with Fair Trade tastings, pumpkin decorating parties and more. We're also introducing Seasonal Stars on Pinterest — you won't want to miss these delectable recipe boards.

Boost up on iron

Learn why you need it, how to supplement with it and ways to make it more available in your cooking.


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