Things we love for Valentine's Day

PCC Taste | February 2014

Valentina\x{2019}s Home-Brewed body  and massage oils

Valentina's Home-Brewed body and massage oils

A blend of coconut oil and essential oils deeply moisturizes in these body and massage oils. Choose from seven different scents, such as Sunny Outlook, Sweet Dreams and True Love.

heart pillar candle

Big Dipper Wax Works Heart Pillar

Locally made from pure beeswax, this 3-inch by 3-inch pillar candle will burn for over 40 hours.

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Big Dipper Wax Works Printed Glasses

Big Dipper Wax Works Printed Glasses

These 3-ounce, limited edition candles are available in three different designs and scents: Rapture (patchouli-cassia), Harmony (pure lavender) and Sensuality (palmarosa-lavender).

Indigo Wild Ooh La Zum Mist

Indigo Wild Ooh La Zum Mist

Crafted from 100 percent pure essential oils, this bed and body aromatherapy mist will awaken the senses with a sweet, complex blend of vetiver and lavender.

Potted plants

Potted plants

Brighten up your home or yard with tulips, primroses, hyacinths or miniature daffodils. Available in clay pots, these flowers will add warmth and color prior to spring's arrival.

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