What's in store for July

PCC Taste | July 2013


In the bakery
All-American pies

Looking for the perfect dessert to cap off your Independence Day celebration? For just $10, enjoy a festive red, white and blue trio of our PCC Bakery's delicious 5-inch pies on the Fourth — or any time this month.

Our red is a savory Strawberry Rhubarb; the white, a scrumptious Apple Crumb, and our blue Mixed Berry is a medley of strawberries and perfectly tart-sweet LaPierre Farms organic blueberries. All pie shells are made with organic flour and organic palm oil shortening, the fruit is sweetened with fruit juice, and the pies are topped with a vegan streusel topping, sweetened with just a touch of sugar.


In the deli
Cold brewed coffee

Keep your cool this summer by enjoying a refreshing cold brew coffee over ice from our PCC Deli, or make your toddy coffee at home with a Toddy Cold Brew System. Our deli uses a coarse grind of Tony's French Roast coffee that is soaked for 12 to 15 hours in cold water, creating a bold, smooth coffee concentrate.

This method extracts the rich flavor while leaving behind any bitterness, making it 67 percent less acidic than traditional brews. For home brewing, pick up a Toddy brewer and some packaged Fidalgo Bay Toddy grind. Brewer includes a glass decanter, reusable filters, rubber stopper, instructions and recipes. (Cold brew coffee is not available in the deli at Seward Park.)


In the floral department
Local flowers

Around 80 percent of cut flowers sold in the United States are imported, not always ideal for customers who buy local, organic foods and want their flowers sustainably produced as well. Fortunately, two years ago, when a group of Northwest cut-flower growers started the Seattle Wholesale Growers Market, we jumped at the opportunity to sell their flowers.

In 2012, the group received USDA funding that allowed members to be assessed for Salmon-Safe certification. Currently, 12 of the 16 members have achieved the certification, and all of their flowers sold through PCC carry the Salmon-Safe stamp of approval. So pick out a colorful bouquet and light up your home with sweet peas, fragrant lavender, sunflowers or other seasonal beauties.

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