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From the recipe box

Comfort cuisine

Warm your home and tummy with four fresh takes on cozy classics.

What to do in October

National Co-op Month, Non-GMO Month, Fair Trade Month — find out how we're celebrating these core values in October.

Know your potato

Roasting? Baking? Boiling? Discover which of our organic spuds is best for the job plus learn why organic potatoes are the way to go.

What's in store

Savor seasonal delights including organic cider, fall salads in the PCC Deli, and sweet Halloween candy. Drink coffee for a cause, enjoy Copper River salmon once again and pick up frozen LaPierre blueberries exclusive to PCC.

Find your best noodle

Pasta is pasta, right? Not so fast, Alfredo. With varieties crafted from wheat, brown rice, spelt, corn and kamut, we make it easy to adapt any recipe to suit your palate and dietary needs.

Ask the Nutritionist

Yes, we all need to eat more kale. But did you know carrots and other vegetables rich in beta-carotene are a close nutritional runner-up to leafy greens?

All-natural remedies for cold and flu

Stock up your medicine cabinet now to keep seasonal illness at bay.

Also in this issue

  • Steer clear of GMOs — Learn simple ways to avoid GMOs in your diet and help the campaign for labeling.
  • Quick and easy recipe — Multigrain Twists
  • Locally grown grains — Discover two local, organic mills in our region working to spark a renaissance and bring grain production back to the Northwest.
  • Chatterbox — "Like" your neighborhood PCC store and participate in fun contests on Facebook and check out PCC's Pinterest boards.


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