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Presto antipasto

PCC Taste | July 2012

It seems that summertime is filled with impromptu gatherings, out-of-town visitors, spontaneous celebrations — moments when a snack platter is the perfect go-to item for entertaining. Enter antipasto.


Great bites to try

  • Serve Marinated Beets from the PCC Deli with Point Reyes Blue Cheese and Marcona almonds
  • Make our Radish Crostini or Tapenade Crostini or put together classic bruschetta
  • Thread small skewers with fresh peach slices, fresh basil leaves and chunks of tangy feta
  • Wrap prosciutto around wedges of sweet summer melon
  • Stuff fresh dates with mascarpone

It easily can be assembled at the last minute for a no-fuss meal, or if you have the time, thoughtfully planned out for a special summer party. It also makes a great take-along item to a potluck or picnic and can be a refreshing spread when you don't feel like cooking a large meal.

When putting together this Italian favorite, select four to eight items if serving as an appetizer. If antipasto is your main course, select eight to 12 items.

As to what you select, that's entirely up to personal taste and how creative you're feeling. Traditionally, antipasto features a selection of cured meats, olives, pickled or grilled vegetables, cheese, and crackers or bread. It also can include nuts, fresh fruits, dips, seafood (such as sardines), deviled eggs and other bite-size appetizers.

Ready-to-go antipasto ideas

Across our grocery aisles and within the PCC Deli, we have countless items that can be combined easily to form the perfect antipasto platter — tantalizing products that have been cured, pickled, marinated or grilled. In addition to the recommendations below, you'll find artisan cheese, freshly baked breads and more. Plus our bulk antipasto bar in the PCC Deli allows you to explore all kinds of items a little (or a lot) at a time.

antipasto ideas

Cured meats and other classics

  • Volpi Salami infused with wine, such as rose and chianti, and then dry cured and aged (deli)
  • Spicy Calabrese Salami and applewood-smoked Napoli Salami from Olli Salumeria (deli)
  • Smoked and honey roasted turkey breast from Diestel, available freshly sliced in the deli or prepackaged in the meat department
  • Sliced prosciutto from Fiorucci (deli) and Applegate (meat dept.)

Veggies: pickled, roasted, marinated

  • Bulk capers and roasted garlic cloves (deli)
  • Divina gigande beans and dolmas (deli)
  • Pickled goathorn peppers in oil from locally based Mama Lil's (for extra spice try the Kick Butt Peppers), available in bulk or prepackaged (deli)
  • Napoleon marinated artichokes and marinated mushrooms; pickled green beans, asparagus; roasted sweet piquillo peppers; and grilled artichokes (grocery)
  • Mezzetta Sun-Ripened Dried Tomatoes (grocery)
  • Mediterranean Organic Fire Roasted Gourmet Red Peppers and Organic Wild Capers (grocery)

Dips, spreads and crackers

  • Fig spreads from Dalmatia (deli)
  • Corazon del Sol Quince Paste (deli)
  • Fresh pestos from CIBO Naturals such as Artichoke Lemon and Roasted Red Pepper (deli)
  • Crostini from Rustic Bakery in Tart Cherry, Cacao Nib and Almond (deli)
  • Artisan crackers from local The Essential Baking Co. in Cheddar Mustard, Parmesan Cayenne, Rosemary and more (deli)


  • Olives in bulk: Try PCC's herb-marinated Olives of Love, a Greek Mix from Divina, Orchard Maid's Spiced Blood Orange Mix and more (selection varies by store) (deli)
  • Organic pitted kalamata olives and green olives stuffed with red peppers from Mediterranean Organic (grocery)
  • Napoleon Almond Stuffed Olives, Garlic Stuffed Olives and Sweet Pepper Stuffed Olives (grocery)


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Easy pairings

When it comes to creating platter combinations, the options are endless. Here are some different, enticing pairings to try:

  • Lavender honey with farmstead chèvre, Greek olives, and baguette slices
  • Fig spread with Peppadew peppers and truffled fromage blanc
  • Pepperoncinis with grilled Halloumi cheese and kalamata olives
  • Your favorite brie alongside fresh strawberries and orange honey
  • Quince paste with Manchego cheese and spicy salami
  • Pate with cornichons and stone-ground mustard
  • Grilled vegetables served with hummus