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From our recipe box

Savory grains

Stuck in a quinoa rut? Try these four easy recipes to expand your whole-grain repertoire.

Ask the nutritionist

Hear Nick speak in greater depth about how to satisfy your body's calcium need in this podcast.

What to do in February

Super Bowl, Mardi Gras and Leap Day all provide great excuses to celebrate, especially with food.

Keep on moving easy

PCC health and body care coordinators Roxanne Green of Redmond PCC and Bryan Kiehn of Issaquah PCC share their top tips to ease inflammation.

Eight great everyday wines

Get Saturday-night quality at Tuesday-night prices with these favorite bottles.

Flagship cheeses

Explore these four signature flavors worth savoring, all from artisanal creameries along the West Coast.

Steak out

Learn how to make five popular steak cuts sizzle, with the best options for grilling, stewing or braising.

Tea time

Explore the best in tea, including variations and flavors that range in character from smoky to floral, bold to mellow.

Sweet somethings

Tempting dessert ideas from throughout our stores, with something for every set of taste buds!

What's in store for February

Fragrant Minneolas, Delightful wintertime salads from the PCC Deli, a brand-new sesame snack.

Locally grown leeks

Discover fresh ways to savor these snowy and delicate members of the allium family.

Quick and easy recipe

Potato Leek Soup

Keep warm with our take on this delicious classic.


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