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Liven up the rest of your holiday bill with sides that complement your favorite, traditional dishes and infuse fresh takes on classic, seasonal ingredients.

Enchanting chanterelles

Plucked from the forest floor, chanterelle mushrooms provide a true taste of the local landscape — the conifer forests of the Pacific Northwest.

Diestel Family Turkey Ranch

Tim and Joan Diestel have a passion for doing things the old-fashioned way. Every day, they still "walk the flock" and visit their birds, a tradition dating back nearly 80 years.

Delightful deli dishes

Our love for good quality food is expressed daily in the PCC Deli through a spectrum of dishes. But every holiday season, we are thrilled to share our take on traditional sides along with innovative dishes we’re proud to call our own.

Picking the perfect pear

Whether rotund or shaped like a bell, a memorable pear bursts with sweetness and spice. Learn how to choose a winner and explore a variety of seasonal pear recipes.

Not-so-basic basics

Fresh, pure ingredients create holiday meals with incomparable flavor. We share some of the standouts from PCC's selection of exceptional basics, from organic canned pumpkin to rich, local cream.

Light up the fall

PCC's entire candle selection is paraffin-free for a pure, natural glow. Discover how to light your home this winter with candles crafted from beeswax, soy wax and fair trade palm wax.

Ask the Nutritionist

Why do holiday meals make me sleepy?

Hear more about tryptophan, an essential amino acid found naturally in turkey and a variety of foods.

Quick and easy

Ice Cream Pie

Always a crowd-pleaser, this simple pie can be made in a snap and adapted to your personal taste. We offer three seasonal flavors using one technique.

Play with your food

Get the kids involved this holiday season with fun, easy food projects that engage their creativity.

What's in store

Perfectly tart, local cranberries; a toast to Beaujolais; and dried fruit and nuts for the holiday season. Come have a taste!

Creative ideas with turkey leftovers

Avoid endless days of turkey sandwiches with these creative twists on turkey from the PCC recipe database.


Hot topics from our social media pages, including answers to your most popular holiday cooking questions from last Thanksgiving.


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