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Hittin' the books: 5 to try

PCC Taste | September 2011


Seattle Townscape Walks
by Tyler Burgess
Explore new neighborhoods in Seattle, or get to know your own better with 52 maps totaling 210 miles of adventure.


The People's Pharmacy Quick and Handy Home Remedies: Q & As For Your Common Ailments
by Joe and Terry Graedon
Discover healing foods and home remedies in this conversational guide to wellness.


The Edible Front Yard: The Mow-Less, Grow-More Plan for a Beautiful, Bountiful Garden
by Ivette Soler
See how to plant a garden of vegetables, herbs, fruit trees and more that's as attractive as it is bountiful.


Help Your Parents Save the Planet: 50 Simple Ways to go Green Now!
by PlayBac
Find kid-friendly ideas to help reduce, reuse and recycle from an early age.


Urban Pantry: Tips & Recipes for a Thrifty, Sustainable & Seasonal Kitchen
by Amy Pennington
Learn the basics of stocking a pantry and how to create wholesome meals, simple preserves and pickles.

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