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Chile peppers 101

Think chiles and most of us think heat. But fresh and dried chiles also deliver a wonderful range of flavor and fragrance, from fruity to spicy to hauntingly deep.

Some like it hot

Creative sips to pair with your reading genre of choice.

From our recipe box

Spice routes

Journey around the globe and awaken your taste buds by roasting, simmering, toasting and blending spices and chiles into meals alive with flavor.

By the pinch or the pound

The dozens of jars filled with culinary herbs and spices in PCC's bulk section offer an easy, affordable way to explore those alluring global flavors.

Quick and easy

Recipe: Green Chile Pesto Prawns

What to do in February

A month when winter's grasp can sometimes feel eternal. But rather than fight winter, embrace it as a season for great books, adventures in the snowy mountains, movie watching, craft making, wine sipping, recipe learning.

What's in store

Great dips and spreads in the PCC Deli, local beer from Schooner EXACT, amazing avocados.

Snack time

Salsa with us

Whether spicy, sweet, chunky or smooth, salsa plays across your taste buds in an orchestra of flavors and adds zest to any gathering. Try three different variations.

Chips we love to chomp

The delicious, diverse chips you'll find at PCC always are free of trans-fat. Here are a few of our favorites!

Ask the Nutritionist

Health benefits of dark chocolate

Hear PCC Nutrition Educator Leika Suzumura discuss the health benefits of dark chocolate in greater depth.

Chocolate inspiration

You’ll find these delightful chocolate bars and more at all nine PCC store locations. And check out our tips for hosting a chocolate tasting party!

PCC Scrip

The PCC Scrip program offers an easy and rewarding way for local, educational and grassroots nonprofit organizations in our community to raise money while shopping for delicious, all-natural groceries in our stores.


Hot topics from our social media pages

Keep your kisser kissable

Six lip balms we love


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