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Big batch cooking

Get 16 meals from 4 great basic recipes. These flavorful, flexible options can help you simplify your weeknights with dishes cooked in advance.

Foods that love each other

Try three food pairings that may seem a little unusual upon first encounter but in fact make all the sense in the world.


What's in a name? In the case of stouts and porters, it's a matter of opinion. Explore six dark brews in four very different styles.

February: love-ly ways to celebrate

Participate in a 5k on Valentine’s Day, find the perfect gift for your special someone, toast to love with a scintillating rosť and more.

One ingredient, five ways: Cocoa powder

This dark, rich ingredient can be used in a variety of savory applications, from dinner rolls to a spicy mole. Take a look at five tasty recipes.

It's in the can

In addition to being a fantastic value, canned seafoods are some of the most nutritious and sustainable options you’ll find in the grocery aisle.

All mighty mushrooms

Learn about the impressive health benefits mushrooms offer, whether they are fresh, dried or even found in a supplement.

Power up with probiotics

A key component for a strong immune system, probiotics come in handy during winter when we’re in the thick of cold and flu season. Explore some of our top options.

Fixing a leek

Learn your way around the sweet delicacy of the mildest member of the onion family.

Raise the bar

You'll find more than 240 different energy bars within the aisles of PCC. Check out some of our favorites.


The beauty of this blend lies in its ability to wake up the flavor of all sorts of simply prepared food — a shaker of it might even replace salt and pepper on your table.


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