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Easy-bake recipes

Try these four versatile springtime recipes that require the simplest piece of kitchen equipment there is: a sheet pan.

Asparagus - one ingredient, five ways

The darling of springtime vegetables, asparagus lends itself to a wide range of dishes, from flavorful tacos to hearty salads. Take a look at five creative recipes.

Going on the lamb

Discover five recipes for unusual, affordable cuts that will move pastured lamb from the holiday table to a standard weeknight dinner.

The right time for white wine

As we move toward spring, it's a great time to explore a world of well-balanced white wines that go far beyond the basic chardonnay.

Shortcuts from the freezer

We've chosen four products that reduce time and effort in meal prep — and come up with great recipes to go along.

Cooking technique: poaching

Master this gentle cooking technique for perfect poached eggs, crisp spring vegetables, flavorful poached chicken and succulent oil-poached fish.

Snack attack

Discover nine delicious snacks that help control hunger, prevent energy crashes and contribute to a balanced diet.

DIY ricotta

Add depth and pizzazz to a variety of dishes with creamy ricotta. Learn how to make this fresh cheese at home.

What's in store

Find seasonal allergy relief with products from the health and body care department, grow your own salad mix, and pick up fresh, wild Alaskan halibut.

Please pass the salt

Explore five reasons to incorporate sea salts into your cooking and learn why they are a better choice for your health than refined table salt.

Get your garden off on the right foot

Use this simple guide to choose wisely for our climate, control our most annoying seasonal garden pest and make your garden pollinator-friendly.

Spring in the PCC Deli

Check out four refreshing salads available in your neighborhood PCC Deli this spring.

Connect online

We've added handy new features to our website, including summer camp registration, digital weekend specials and online reloading of PCC Gift Cards and PCC Scrip cards. Here's where to find everything!


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