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November 2014

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Going with the grain

by Jill Lightner

Farmers, researchers and chefs are collaborating to grow and test flavorful local grains.

Your co-op community

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Letters to editor

Valuing Sound Consumer · The assault against organics · Antibiotics in apples and pears · Non-organic ciders · Fair labor on farms · Lead in cocoa? · Bulk · Natural Flavors · Global warming and agriculture

Grass-fed goodness

Animals grazing on their natural diet of grass produce foods that are high in both nutrition and flavor. Try PCC’s grass-fed meats, dairy and eggs and protein powders.


Recipes from the November 2014 issue

Curries with grass-fed foods

Curries offer complex combinations of spices or herbs, and sometimes chiles, all offset by creaminess from coconut milk or dairy. They’re a special (but easy) way to feature some of PCC’s grass-fed foods — beef, lamb, eggs, milk, cream and yogurt.

What's new in store for November

Come get new-crop organic Comice pears, Satsuma mandarins and Cara Cara oranges, plus quinoa Mac & Cheese, sprouted watermelon seeds, portions of frozen seafood, and a few PCC-exclusive wines!


Soil & Sea: reports from our producers

Learn about the link between the hazelnut industry and Nutella, how Coho salmon fishermen fared this summer, why we’re eating less cereal, and more.

Water quality and fish consumption

by Steve Robinson

There's a battle at the state level over how much local fish we're supposed to be eating and it all hinges on the state's water quality standards. Big business is pushing to minimize water quality protection and allow the levels of pollution it believes are necessary to boost the economy.

PCC Board of Trustees report

Next board meeting · Nominating committee · Ends reporting · Global Ends · PCC has a local focus. · PCC’s recent public policy work

News bites

Antibacterial honey · Bayer sued over bees · Butterflies and climate change · Beekeepers vs. GE · Bacteria in cheese · Chicken producer drops antibiotics · Farmers help birds · Diet sodas and the microbiome · Misleading chicken ad · Food additive database? · Supermarkets vs. industry · Apples fight obesity?

opal apples

The Opal apple: no browning, naturally!

by Trudy Bialic

There’s a new apple with a number of exceptional traits hitting PCC’s produce tables by the end of this month or early December: the Opal apple. It’s crispy, sweet-tart and never browns!

Sustainable West Coast seafood

The Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program has upgraded the sustainability rating of several West Coast fish.

Seafood advisory

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has reversed a 2004 advisory that pregnant women should shun most seafood.

Carrageenan moratorium

PCC has implemented a moratorium on bringing in new foods containing the controversial ingredient, carrageenan.

Supporting non-GMO choices

More than 2,200 brands making more than 20,000 products now are verified by the non-GMO Project.


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