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February 2015

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Sleep well, naturally

by Catherine Darley, N.D.

Conventional sleeping pills can cause serious side effects. With some simple lifestyle changes, good nutrition and supplements, you can improve your quantity and quality of sleep.

Frozen meat & seafood

Keeping portions of meat and seafood in the freezer is a great way to make sure you have healthy meal options for busy nights. Learn about PCC’s selection of frozen meat and seafood, with tips for cooking.

Recipes from the February 2015 issue

Quick & delicious seafood

Seafood can be intimidating for home cooks, but it doesn’t have to be! These recipes make it easy to make fish or shrimp a weeknight staple.

Choose ethical chocolate to relieve farmer poverty

A new report details the struggle of West African farmers to earn decent livelihoods, despite increasing demand for cocoa and higher prices. PCC only sells fair labor chocolate.

Organic nearly as productive as industrial farming

by Doug Gurian-Sherman, PhD
This article originally was published on CivilEats.com.

New research from UC Berkeley makes a strong case that organic farming can play an important, and growing, role in "feeding the world."

Letters to editor

PCC serves specialty diets · Holistic pet care · High-oleic oils · Allergens in eggs and meat · Plastics for storage and reuse · Sustainable palm oil

News bites

Pollinators prefer organic · Home cooking for health · Farmed salmon less healthful · BPA linked to blood pressure rise · EU curbs plastic bags · Antibiotic-free lunches?  · Plastic in oceans · GE banana human trials · Phthalates: lower IQs · General Mills removes "natural"

What's new in store for February

Come try juicy organic winter fruit: Honeygold grapefruit, blood oranges and Ataulfo mangoes are brightening our produce departments now. Also: a new gourmet sriracha, uncured salami from Portland, Zen Dog tea, and new chocolate bars from Taza.

PCC Board of Trustees report

The annual meeting is April 28. Learn about activities leading up to the board election.

Your co-op community

Be Mine, Valentine · Valentine's Day Dash · Feeding Your Immune System · Hiawatha pancake breakfast · Mister Rogers' Sweater Drive · Food bank packaging work parties · Kindiependent kids rock series · A day at the zoo · Blood drive · PCC Cooks

Soil & Sea: reports from our producers

Learn about American’s rising berry consumption, innovative coffee farmers, Europe’s commitment to seafood traceability, and more.

GMO labeling call-in week

The week of February 9 through 13, let’s ask President Obama to make good on his campaign promise to label genetically engineered foods.

Bristol Bay drilling ban

President Obama has banned indefinitely oil and gas exploration of Alaska’s Bristol Bay to protect some of the nation’s most productive commercial fisheries.


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