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July 2014

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Eating wild

Getting wild nutrition from modern food

by Sound Consumer editors with Jo Robinson

Since the dawn of agriculture some 5,000 to 12,000 years ago, humans have been choosing to grow sweeter, less fibrous, and usually less nutritious varieties of fruits and vegetables — essentially breeding nutrients out of food.

Greenlake Village opening collage

PCC opens 10th store

PCC opened its 10th store, Greenlake Village, on June 4, with a ribbon-cutting and a celebration that lasted for days. Shoppers enjoyed lots of free samples of PCC's signature deli salads, and of course, cake! There was so much energy in the store that one delighted shopper said, "this is so exciting, it feels like a concert!"

New shopping service brochure

A new service for a better-informed shopping experience at PCC is coming soon. We've created a brochure to help you decide what food companies and brands you may choose to avoid or support.

Letters to editor

Choose organic to avoid pesticides · Vendor goes non-GE · Organic calf care · Boycotting GMA foods · Fluoride

News bites

Organic sales increasing · Bee rustlers · Oregon counties ban GE crops · Tribes oppose GE salmon · Lawmakers vote against feedlot  · Inert ingredients in pesticides · Drought hurts rodeos · USDA to give $78 million to support "local" · Coke to drop controversial ingredient  · Organic restaurant's top honor · Study: food dye levels

ice cream

Recipes from the July 2014 issue

4 easy frozen treats

(No ice cream maker needed)

Even without an ice cream maker, the options for making delicious, frozen treats are boundless. These recipes have a global influence and are as colorful as they are tasty.


Crazy for coconut

The appetite for all things coconut seems insatiable. Just look at our grocery shelves and you'll find coconut water; coconut oil; coconut flour; coconut chips; coconut milk, yogurt, and ice cream; even raw coconut vinegar and coconut sugar.

rows of crops

Soil & Sea: reports from our producers

Learn about the rising value of Washington's organic crops, the new Cosmic Crisp apple, exploding demand for Greek yogurt, the rebound in Chinook salmon catches and more.


Report: FDA lacks oversight of food ingredients

by Joel Preston Smith

The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) just released a 14-page overview of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) lax oversight of food additives in the United States. The report lambasts the feds for looking the other way as food technologists add almost anything they please to food.


Producer spotlights: organic cherries

Read and watch a video about LaPierre Farms organic Rainier cherries and River Valley Organics Lapin Cherries. Only in stores for a few weeks!

Organic controversy

PCC has sent a letter of protest to the Secretary of Agriculture about significant changes to the voting process for the "sunset" of synthetics in the National Organic Program (NOP).

PCC Board of Trustees report

PCC searches for New CEO · PCC Board of trustees election results · Board meeting report


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