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January 2014

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Synthetic biology

Food designed by computer

by Dana Perls

An extreme form of genetic engineering known as synthetic biology is being used to create novel new food products, from vanilla flavoring to coconut oil to saffron.

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GE salmon: closer to approval

— from wire reports

Canada has given the green light to commercial production of genetically engineered (GE) salmon eggs, bringing the world's first GE food animal closer to supermarkets and dinner tables.

How to shop at PCC on a budget

by Cosima Amelang

Quality, organic foods may carry a higher price tag than their conventional counterparts, but there's no reason you can't be kind to your body, the environment, and your wallet!

Letters to editor

GE labeling · Organic chicken and antibiotics · Seafood radiation · Conditions for farmworkers · GMOs in PCC bakery? · I-522 defeat · Great service

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Recipes from the January 2014 issue

Eat well on a budget

These easy recipes are proof that eating hearty, healthy, organic food doesn't have to break the bank.

protein powder and meal replacement

A boost of protein

PCC offers several types of protein powders to fit a variety of diets. We also offer meal replacement powders, which in addition to protein, boast many superfoods for added nutrition. Learn about our selection to help you choose a powder that's best for you.

I-522 final stats

Final, official results from the November election show I-522 lost by a very narrow margin, 48.91 percent to 51.09 percent. The difference was just 38,046 votes, meaning only 19,024 more "yes" votes were needed to win.

News bites

FDA to ban trans fats? · Inflammatory foods and depression · Argentina's pesticides and cancer clusters · Fish farms and rising sea levels · Fish ingest chemicals from plastic · China rejects GE corn shipments · Humans growing more carnivorous · Turnips on the moon? · Saying "No" to GE apples · Certification for meat without drugs? · Rhode Island bans gestation crates

Blood oranges

What's new in store — January 2014

Organic blood oranges, organic Cara Cara oranges, and organic Mellow Gold grapefruit bring a splash of color to our produce departments this month. Also new: California almond milk from a grower-owned company, Live Kombucha Soda, and new beers from Anchor Brewing.

coffee beans

Soil & sea: Reports from our producers

Learn about how a PCC coffee vendor is a leader in fair trade, U.S. organic acreage is rebounding post-recession, a virus is threatening the country's citrus trees, and why the price of walnuts is on the rise.

PCC Board of Trustees report

Board report · 2014 board slate · 2014 nominating committee slate · I-522 · Healthy Kids Cook video series


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