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August 2013

Exec Chef Chris Johnson

Hospitals go farm-fresh

Washington health care institutions lead on sourcing local, sustainable food.

by Katherine Pryor, M.A.

If there's any cuisine that's maligned universally, it is hospital food. Mystery meat, yellow jello — the jokes practically make themselves. A small group of dedicated hospital foodservice staff, clinicians and hospital administrators are trying to change that.

fracking infographic

Fracking and food

by Elizabeth Royte

The extraction of natural gas across America's farmland is having devastating impacts on livestock and organic farmers, and the chemicals used may be getting into the food supply.

Summer fruit pies

Recipes from the August 2013 issue

Summer fruit pies

It's said that wine is sunlight held together by water. The same might be said of a perfect piece of summer fruit, from golden nectarines and peaches to raspberries and plums.


Pie 101

What thickeners make the best filling? What tricks yield a flaky crust? Can you use honey instead of sugar? Make the most of summer fruit with these tips for delicious, classic pies.

Letters to editor

Shopping on a budget · Low-fat deli options · Meat cuts · Sound Consumer graphic · Eden Foods lawsuit · Stop fluoridating water · Helpful staff

News bites

More pesticide residues · U.S. companies label GE · Sea-Tac Airport bee hives · Honeybee sperm bank · Millions of bees die · Pesticide kills Oregon bees · Carbs trigger cravings? · USDA approves GE meat label · NW wine's bright future · Disease ravaging African staple · U.S. takes on food waste · Potato cartel? · Abandoning backyard chickens


What's new in store — August 2013

Local, organic produce galore: basil, watermelon, cantaloupe, nectarines, green beans, Red Haven peaches and more! Plus: buttery galettes with summer fruit, made fresh in the PCC bakery.

ge corn

Study: GE corn and soy cause stomach inflammation

A new study involving pigs raised on genetically engineered (GE) grain adds to the growing body of evidence that raises questions about the safety of GE foods.


Soil & Sea: reports from our producers

Cherry farmers were hit hard this year by foul weather, but the pear harvest is forecast to be bigger than last year. Also learn why Northwest onion farmers are worried, and news about Northwest salmon and albacore tuna.

PCC Board of Trustees report

June board meeting report · Scenes from CCMA · Board recruiting ongoing


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