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Biodynamic: Sustainable farming in principle and practice

by Barry Lia, Ph.D., and Eli Penberthy

Much as we think of our own bodies as comprised of essential organs, the biodynamic approach to farming also views farms as "organisms," with various "organs" working in harmony. Biodynamic farmers create biodiverse farms that rely little on outside inputs.


Biodynamic at PCC Natural Markets

PCC carries a variety of wines and body care products produced with ingredients from biodynamic farms.

GE labeling updates

Host a Kitchen Conversation to support I-522. Also: Connecticut passes a GE labeling bill, Ben & Jerry's scoops free ice cream to support labeling, and Asia suspends Northwest wheat after GE wheat was found in Oregon.

Michele Blakely

Farmers and food artisans think beyond the bank

by Eli Penberthy, editor

It used to be that if you wanted to raise money to start or expand a business, your first stop was the bank. That's no longer true for a growing number of entrepreneurs, including a handful of local farmers and food artisans.

Summertime wraps

Recipes from the July 2013 issue

Summertime wraps

Is there anything more fun to eat than fresh summer rolls and wraps? They're crunchy and colorful, and dipping them in delicious sauces is about as satisfying as it gets for finger food.

Letters to editor

Fair labor chocolate · Eden Foods lawsuit · Deli oils · Voting yes on I-522 · Antibiotics in apples and pears · GE produce · Maca root powder · Eliminating plastic and paper · Great service

News bites

Berries for brain health · Edmonds sustainable ag grant · Coffee rust threat · Chipotle identifies GMOs · Foie gras ban · Labor shortage continues · Roundup residue limit raised · Fast food linked to allergies · GE fish breed with wild · White Wave separates from Dean · Insects for lunch? · Washington organics' value up


What's new in store — July 2013

Local, organic Lapin cherries, blueberries, leaf lettuce and fava beans are not to miss this month, along with summer fruit tarts handmade in our bakery, organic tortillas, local cranberry juices, Powers Winery wines and more!


Monarch Butterflies: Where have they gone?

by Debra Daniels-Zeller

Millions of orange and black Monarch butterflies across the United States and southern Canada take off to fly south every year. But this great migration is in trouble. Monarch populations have dropped 59 percent in 2012 from the previous year.

cherry tree

Soil & Sea: reports from our producers

The cherry crop may be smaller this year, while chickpea plantings are booming due to the growing popularity of hummus. More news: the nation's aquifers are shrinking, and the U.S. has lifted a ban on many Italian cured meats.

PCC Board of Trustees report

PCC Board of Trustees election results · Board meeting report


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