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April 2013

Ballard Bee Company

Question for urban farmers: To bee?

by Bill Thorness

If you notice more bees on your flowering plants this spring, it might be because a neighbor has taken up the latest craze in urban farming: beekeeping. It's a growing pastime and some even say the humming honeybee hive will replace the clucking from the coop as the gardener's favorite pet.


What's causing Colony Collapse Disorder?

Is it pesticides? Viruses? Genetics? Environmental stress? Scientists and beekeepers studying Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) find the complexity vexing.


New PCC standard: chocolate must be fair labor

by Eli Penberthy

From now on, PCC will sell chocolate candy confections and cocoa powders only from vendors that provide assurance that child slave labor is prohibited and follow International Labor Organization (ILO) Fundamental Conventions.

GE salmon and I-522 updates

GE salmon - there's still time to submit a comment to the FDA. And the first step in the passage of I-522, Washington's initiative to label genetically engineered foods, has been certified by the state to appear on the November 5 ballot.

noodle miso soup

Recipes from the April 2013 issue

Raw: quick & easy

You don't have to be on a raw food diet to enjoy the benefits — or flavors — of raw cuisine. The tastes are fresh and bright, the textures often satisfyingly crunchy or creamy.

raw products

Raw, raw, raw!

When you hear the term "raw food," do carrot sticks come to mind? Think again! Today, raw food is not just fresh produce. It also includes raw packaged foods such as crackers, nut butters and other snack foods never heated above 116 F.

Letters to editor

Food and water waste · Chocolate standards · Fermented foods · Soaker pads for meat? · Bringing containers from home · Recycling purple bags · Bon Ami cleanser

News bites

Food company ethics? · Consumers want sustainable seafood · More GMO labeling bills · Heart-healthy diet · LA opposes GE salmon · Organic tomatoes more nutritious · Hemp farming to return? · Half of U.S. farms have superweeds · Sugar limit in soda? · No more Food Alliance · More "ag-gag" bills

fire blight

Antibiotics for organic apples and pears?

by Trudy Bialic, Director of Public Affairs

By the time you read this, the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) already may have voted at its April meeting on what to do about allowing antibiotic sprays for organic apples and pears under certain conditions.


What's new in store — April 2013

Local asparagus and rhubarb are sure signs of spring. Also new: lemon-raspberry cake and flourless peanut butter cookies handmade in our bakery, goat milk yogurt, Domaine Pouillon "Katydid" red wine, and more!

strawberry field

Soil & Sea: reports from our producers

Are honeybees good pollinators? How is India growing record rice yields without GMOs? Learn the answers and more.

PCC Board of Trustees report

Notice of annual membership meeting · 2013 election · Next Board Meeting


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