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December 2012

Thank you, I-522 supporters

I-522: Label Genetically Engineered Food in Washington State

With the vote on California's Prop 37 to label genetically engineered foods behind us, we in Washington are in the homestretch of our signature gathering to present I-522 to the legislature in January.


Alternative flours for holiday baking

Most recipes for holiday baked goods call for plain, white flour. But we encourage you to experiment with PCC’s vast selection of alternative flours — in packages or in bulk, many gluten-free.

Chocolate-Hazelnut Cookies

Recipes from the December issue

Holiday baking with alternative flours

Do you have a favorite, traditional holiday sweet? Try substituting a bit of amaranth flour or coconut flour for a little of the white, all-purpose stuff. It will add flavor and texture, not to mention some nutrients.

Letters to editor

Can America go organic? · GMO labeling initiatives · Post signage by GMO foods? · Labeling · Hybrids increased gluten? · Whole-grain bread

food bank packaging

Year-end giving

Consider donating to the PCC Food Bank Program and the PCC Farmland Trust for their worthy efforts.

News bites

Eat chocolate, be smart? · Americans eat weight in GE food · Grass-fed and finished growing · Bacon prices going up · More GMO wheat trials · Washington dairies’ water pollution · Monsanto v. farmer in Supreme Court · Report: pesticides blamed for illness · West Coast tuna radiation · Red wine good for stomach? · Obese kids’ taste buds less sensitive


What's new in store — December 2012

Sweet-tart organic kumquats, blood oranges and tangerines add splash to PCC's produce department! Also new: Nieman Ranch cured meats, exotic salts in bulk, local soaps and honey and more.


Soil & Sea: reports from our producers

Learn how labor shortage affected Washington’s apple crop, and why it was a bad season for Northwest wild mushrooms. Also: why are popcorn prices rising while the growth of meat consumption slows?


Measuring success

By Rick VanderKnyff

Read about how a land trust measure success - with the most visible yardstick being acres preserved and, by that measure, PCC Farmland Trust has had a banner year.

PCC Board of Trustees report

Celebrating National Co-op Month and the International Year of the Co-op · Board report · Board meeting · New outreach event


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