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November 2012

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Partnering with our producers

by Eli Penberthy

In this month of Thanksgiving, we want to thank the many farmers and other producers whose products you so enjoy. Our relationships with them often have been cultivated over many years, and go deep.


Washington tree fruit mostly organic?

It's possible, by 2037

by Chuck Benbrook, Ph.D.

Considerably less than 10 percent of Washington-grown apples, pears and cherries were grown organically in 2012. Is the leap to 90 percent organic in 25 years unrealistic?

Sugar: why do we crave it during winter?

by Nick Rose, PCC Nutrition Educator

During the cold, dark winter months, we get less sunlight, less exercise, and many people experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a mild form of depression.

Letters to editor

I-522: labeling GMOs · GMOs cannot occur in nature · Craft beer · Good food, good information · Paper v. online Sound Consumer

News bites

Organic food sales · Ag money in politics · Long-term GMO risks · Food wasted · Zombie bees · Weight gain from GE food? · Shoppers want antibiotic-free meat · Human infections from chicken antibiotics · Washington crop circles · Misconception about fiber · Organic seed website · Chocolate reduces blood pressure?


A different take on cheese

With a sweet-tangy flavor and sometimes salty, grassy undertones, goat and sheep's milk cheeses have been loved around the world throughout history.

scalloped potatoes

Recipes from the November issue

Fall flavors with favorite cheeses

Goat and sheep's milk cheeses are vital to rounding out a well-chosen cheese plate for holiday parties and meals. But they're also an essential ingredient lending tangy flavor and creaminess to a wide range of recipes, from salads to gratins — and even, unexpectedly, chocolate truffles!

Pacific Foods Simply Stock

What's new in store — November 2012

Organic Jazz, Pink Lady and Pacific Rose apples, Comice pears, and navel, Cara Cara and Satsuma Mandarin oranges. Plus: gluten-free baking flour, organic stock, and Finnriver Forest fir hard cider, perfect for holiday feasts!


Soil & Sea: reports from our producers

Learn how much the apple industry powers Washington’s economy, what happens to the state’s mint crop, why cherry farmers weren’t happy this year and more.

PCC Board of Trustees report

Board report · New Local Suppliers · Next board meeting · Ends reporting


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