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October 2012

woman signing I-522 petition

Initiatives to label GMOs

I-522 and Prop 37

by Trudy Bialic, Director of Public Affairs

You think the odds of getting I-522 on the state ballot to label GMO foods are stacked against us? You're right.

Learn who opposes I-522 »

Non-GMO Project logo

Non-GMO Project Verification: What does it mean?

by Chris Keefe

Until labels for genetically modified organisms (GMOs) become mandatory, we have two voluntary labels for GMO avoidance — certified organic and Non-GMO Project Verified.

Mark LaPierre and son

Labor shortages growing problem

by Eli Penberthy, co-editor

Stricter immigration enforcement, an ineffective guestworker program, and lack of national immigration reform are to blame for shrinking the number of available farmworkers.

Letters to editor

Labeling GMO initiative · Titanium dioxide? · Carrageenan? · Butter-flavored v. real butter · Sugar in deli foods · Gelato ingredients?

News bites

Washington crop circles · Cattle for climate change? · Honey theft · Bhutan's organic pledge · Cities tapping aquifers · 2,4-D soy · GMOs killing butterflies? · Walnuts boost semen quality · Alaska salmon drops MSC · Regulating factory farm pollution? · Trans fats and aggression · Occupy Monsanto


Brilliant fall apples

It's always hard to say goodbye to the luscious berries, cherries and peaches of summer, but true fruit-lovers take heart in one of the jewels of autumn: the lovely apple.


Recipes from the October issue

Savory ways with apples

Pie, crisp, crumble .... everyone has a favorite dessert recipe for apples. But why save fall's favorite fruit for the end of the meal?

PCC Rainbow salad

What's new in store — October 2012

Go raw! From "pies" to "cookies" made with coconut and nuts, to and kale chips and pistachio butter, PCC offers a range of raw foods that are as delicious as they are healthy.

chocolate farmer

Sweet cooperation: chocolate from farmer-owned co-ops

by Eli Penberthy

Chocolate's good for the heart, skin and even mood — and here's yet another reason to indulge: eating chocolate from responsible companies can support farmers in developing countries around the world.

apple trees

Soil & Sea: reports from our producers

Learn how the national drought is affecting cattle farmers and Washington's apple industry, and why Alaskan Coho salmon had a disappointing summer.

PCC Board of Trustees report

Board application deadline · Board reports · IYC 2012 activities · Improving school food · PCC Farmland Trust


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