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September 2012

Craft brewing renaissance

by Joel Preston Smith and Eli Penberthy

Craft brewing now makes up more than five percent of the beer market, meaning artisan brewers have a say in the variety and quality of hops grown in the Northwest.

craft beers

The glorious world of craft beer

What's the difference between an ale and a lager? Find out, plus staff picks, and terms you should know to be a beer geek.


GMO sweet corn-on-the-cob: not at PCC

by Trudy Bialic

This year, genetically engineered sweet corn-on-the-cob hits the U.S. market for the first time. You will not find it at PCC.

Letters to editor

Toothpaste and tooth enamel · Nanoparticles in food? · Carrageenan and other synthetics · Organic chicken feed? · Pthalates in supplements · Radiation in seaweed

News bites

Farmers oppose GMO apples · DHA milk controversy · Cannabis farming · Meatless Mondays upset ranchers · More seafood fraud · Flouride · Cell phones cause ADHD? · Craving carbs · Israeli wins Food Prize · Buy local timber


Recipes from the September issue

Harvest dips and spreads

Early-fall favorites in our produce aisles — peppers, eggplant, corn and tomatoes — are a great way to make easy dips and spreads.

Mark LaPierre

Is irrigation sustainable for Washington farmers?

by Daniel Jack Chasan

Limited water supplies and who controls them have defined the history of the American West for centuries. Conflicts over water are certain to increase with global warming and a growing population.


Fall Farm Jubilee

Join Jubilee Farm in Carnation, Wash., for a celebration of the new partnership with the PCC Farmland Trust and King County on Sat., Sept. 15. Also, details on the overturn of a development plan that would have opened development to 182 acres of prime farmland near Sumner.

Apple tree

Soil & Sea: reports from our producers

Quinoa is growing in Washington! Other Northwest news: our state's apple growers face growing competition, labor troubles plague the blackberry industry, and Alaska salmon fishermen caught fewer fish this season.

PCC Board of Trustees report

PCC Member Relations update · 2013 member survey plan adopted · Board meeting report


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