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August 2012


Choosing toothpaste

by Bradley D. Johnson, D.D.S., M.S.D.

The many ingredients in toothpastes can be confusing. Here's a look at what they do for teeth, and why it's important to buy natural brands.

Toothpaste chart

Comparing PCC brands*

Whether you're looking for a toothpaste for sensitive teeth or one with fluoride, this chart helps you understand the differences between products you'll find in our stores.


Pastured, organic Washington chicken

PCC is pleased to announce pastured, organic Washington chickens are available now at our Fremont, Edmonds, Issaquah and Redmond stores.

Letters to editor

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News bites

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tomato tart

Recipes from the August issue

Late-summer tomatoes

With their stunning colors and exceptional flavor, heirloom tomatoes deserve to be the stars of your late-summer meals. Try these recipes that elevate the tomatoes to stratospheric new heights.


Gorgeous, flavorful heirlooms

In a world where the number of plant species has diminished so much that only 12 make up 70 percent of our food, heirloom tomatoes are shining beacons of hope.


PCC Farmland Trust saves 10th farm

by Kristin Vogel

Jubilee Farm in Carnation is something of a local landmark, bordered on its sides by woods, marsh and rings of mountains in the distance.


Soil & Sea: reports from our producers

The good: peach and nectarine flavor is outstanding this year, and there's a record Northwest blueberry harvest. The bad: walnuts have disappeared from Oregon, fishmeal prices have spiked, and meat prices are on the rise.


What's new in store — August 2012

Local, organic peaches, nectarines, melons, green beans and basil ... our produce aisles are full of late-summer favorites. Also try: seasonal berry Jonboy caramels, new Greek yogurts, and Washington organic wines from Monde eau.

PCC Board of Trustees report

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