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The cost of tuna

by Eli Penberthy

If you buy canned or jarred tuna, you may have noticed prices have climbed steadily for several years. The bad news is that more price hikes may be coming. We wanted to know why — what factors are responsible. Here's what we found.

fish jumping

Water out of fish: are we overfishing our oceans?

by Joel Preston Smith

The histrionic debate over whether fish stocks are healthy or on the verge of collapse has consumers lost at sea. The two most prominent scientists in the controversy stand on opposite shores.

woman holding fish

Ranking U.S. grocers on seafood sustainability

Greenpeace USA

by Casson Trenor
Senior Oceans Campaigner, Greenpeace USA

2012 is forecast by many to be a year of great change and, from an ocean conservationist's perspective, this comes not a moment too soon. Even now, in spite of overwhelming evidence and strong warnings from the scientific community, we continue to plunder our seas at an astonishing rate.

ice cream sundae

Recipes from the July issue

Ice cream sundaes

What better way to feel like a kid this summer than by indulging in an ice cream sundae? A scoop or two of your favorite ice cream is stratospherically better with a drizzle of sauce.

Three Twins organic ice cream

Favorite ice creams

So many flavors, so little time — the ice cream aisle at PCC is overwhelming, we know. It's an eternal debate: should you choose cool, pure vanilla or classic chocolate? Or, is it time to go for something outrageous?

Letters to editor

Customer service · Healthier body care · Fukushima radioactivity · GMO labeling · Paleo shopping · Predator-friendly meat?

News bites

High fructose corn syrup · High-fructose diet affects brain · FDA to reconsider livestock antibiotics · Coffee for longevity · Healthy foods cost less? · Migrating bison · Low olive oil prices · Nanoparticles unlabeled · Cesar Chavez remembered · Iraq excludes U.S. wheat · Changing BSE rule? · California kids eating less · Food prices rising


Pesticides in produce: why seasonal, organic matters

By Chuck Benbrook, Ph.D.

Those of us living in the Pacific Northwest are blessed this time of year with a steady flow of high-quality and affordable local, fresh fruit and vegetables. With nectarines, peaches, tomatoes and other summer favorites hitting the markets, it's a good time to remember why choosing in-season, organic produce is important.

Soil & Sea: reports from our producers

Large crops of tree fruit, including cherries, are in store this summer — if there's enough labor to get the fruit off the trees! It's also looking to be a good season for Alaskan wild salmon and PNW pole-caught albacore.

2 women holding flowers

What's new in store — July 2012

Summer is in full swing at PCC: look for local, organic cherries and blueberries, and PCC Bakery blueberry pie! Also: gluten-free breads and hamburger buns, and refillable bottles of local wine.

PCC Board of Trustees report

PCC Board of trustees election results · West Seattle hits high mark · Board meeting report


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