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June 2012

Detox for good health

Detoxification for good health

by Tom Ballard, R.N., N.D.

"What is detoxification?"
"My doctor says detoxification is quackery."
"Aren’t the levels of toxins too low to cause harm?"
These questions come up with increasing frequency in conversation and the media.

green powder shake

Detoxing: Cleansing your body

Food is always better than supplements for avoiding toxins, but if you want a boost in preparing your diet for a cleanse, a variety of products and books at PCC may help.

fruit in a blender

Recipes from the June issue

Extraordinary smoothies

Clean, bright flavors are what make smoothies and juices so refreshing — they're the perfect thing for when you want to "cleanse."

News bites

Organic creates more jobs · AMA votes on GMO labels · California GMO initiative · "60 Minutes" on sugar · Saving old barns · Organic transition funds · Strawberries and methyl bromide · France reduces pesticides · Legal labor shortage · Antibiotics in animals · Drugs and arsenic for chickens · Monsanto buys bee research firm · Wolves help trees · Financiers advocate cleaner food · Bipartisan support for GMO labels

Letters to editor

Educated shoppers · BPA containers? · Greens freshness · Butter flavoring: diacetyls · Ready-bake convenience foods · BPS, soy and Wi-FI · Fukushima fallout

PCC Nutrition Educator Nick Rose MS

Nutrition Facts Panels — a tool for healthy eating

by Nick Rose, M.S.

To help shoppers make informed food choices in our stores, PCC is developing a database to provide nutrition information for our deli-made foods. It's a large project but we know this is important information that many shoppers want.

Elwah Dam

Feds give salmon more water

by Joel Preston Smith

The federal government recently acknowledged that salmon have a hard time swimming through concrete walls. It's too late for the native sockeye salmon population on the Elwah River — they're extinct — but the dozers are rolling.

apple trees

Soil & Sea: reports from our producers

It's looking to be a good summer for Northwest tree fruit, so get ready for all your summer favorites: peaches, nectarines, cherries and more! Healthy runs of troll-caught Chinook salmon are expected, as is a bumper harvest of Oregon pink shrimp.

grass-fed beef

What's new in store — June 2012

Local, organic strawberries and organic stone fruit are finally here! Also: local, organic pastured meat, Caffe Vita coffee, local caramels, and more.

PCC Board of Trustees report

2012 Annual meeting recap: Childhood nutrition from many viewpoints · PCC 2012 election · Board meetings


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