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March 2012


Biosolids hit the fan

By Joel Preston Smith

PCC advocates buying organic and not just because of pesticides, antibiotics and hormones. Unlike conventional farmers, organic farmers can't use sewage sludge as fertilizer. It was one of the most hotly contested battles in developing national organic standards. Here's why.

News bites

Fair labor certified farms · GMO bourbon · Non-GMO sales growing fast · China suspends GE rice · Chicken welfare · Organic vet shortage · Horses for meat · BPA linked to obesity · Cephalosporin livestock ban · Climate change and cocoa · WSU in Afghanistan · Public land grazing

Letters to editor

Labor Rights, Worker Unions · Body Care Standards · Paleolithic Diets · Non-GMO, Organic · Chinese Imports · New Concerns About Roundup® · 2,4-D GE Corn

Light affects nutrients

Researchers have found that exposure to light affects the nutrients of fruits and vegetables.

Food trends

The consumer research firm, The Hartman Group, based in Bellevue, released findings on recent “food culture trends.”

GE foods

Washington state bills to label GE foods

by Trudy Bialic, editor

The bills SB 6298 and HB 2637 failed to move out of the Senate and House agriculture committees in late January, but the show of support seemed to surprise lawmakers. There were overflow crowds at the hearings and legislative aides say the number of people commenting was second only to support for same-sex marriage. Democratic aides say every single individual who called or e-mailed supported labeling. None were opposed.

Hungry Planet - What the World Eats

Imagine your family collected every food and drink it consumes in a typical week — every carrot, every grain of quinoa, every coffee bean, every PCC take-and-bake pizza — and you took a snapshot of it all piled up in your kitchen. What would the photo show? That’s the question you may ask yourself after visiting the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture’s exhibit, “Hungry Planet: What the World Eats,” which runs through June 10 and is sponsored by PCC.

Navel oranges

Soil & Sea: reports from our producers

Learn what's happening with California Navel oranges, a virus infecting cherry trees, shrimping in Lousiana, and more.


What's new in store — March 2012

We've got new crop Bartlett pears and Altaulfo mangoes; plus local corned beef for St. Patrick's Day, delicious banana bread from the PCC Bakery and more!


Coffee rediscovered

All coffee at PCC is organic, fairly traded, shade-grown, and Northwest-roasted. We’re excited to share the great quality of our brew and we’d love you to try it — stop by our coffee bars for a small drip coffee for just 50 cents all month! If you make your own at home, try any of these six brands, in packages or bulk.


Recipes from the March issue

Cooking with coffee

Sure, a cup of joe can perk you up anytime, but why stop there? Cooking with coffee accentuates the flavor in a range of dishes.

PCC Board of Trustees report

Notice of annual membership meeting · 2012 PCC election — April 24 through May 17 · Board meeting report · Board retreat · PCC renews organic certification · Comments on organic standards


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