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February 2012

vegetables, meat and nuts

Paleolithic diets: Should we eat like our ancestors?

By Stephan Guyenet, Ph.D.

PCC employee Janice Parker has eaten a whole-foods diet for many years, but 14 months ago she changed it in a way that led her to shed 30 pounds, feel less joint pain, sleep more soundly, have more energy, and, remarkably, control her diabetes without medication.

News bites

Cheap food in America · U.S. tightens fishing policy · Citrus reduces E. coli? · EPA: stop Bt corn · GE mosquitoes in Florida · Hungary destroys GE corn · Organic can feed the world · Ranchers fight ethanol · Cattle rustling · Quinoa in the Northwest · Bee watching · Hatchery v. wild fish · Antibiotics in dairy and meat · GE salmon virus · GE sweet corn

Letters to editor

Electronic member coupon? · "Natural" label claims · Organic melon  · Veal market? · Arsenic in Southern rice · Is microwaved food safe?

New worries about Roundup®

From the editors

New worries about the hazards of an herbicide used on genetically engineered (GE) crops are being ignored by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).


Organic dairy: the true cost

The price of organic milk is going up, for good reasons. The main reason is that the cost of organic grain and hay to feed cows hit record levels over the past year, while the price farmers get for their milk has not kept pace.


Lambing season

by Kristin Vogel, PCC Farmland Trust Communications Manager

When all appears at its most fallow and most gray, that's when you know, deep in the ground, nature is plotting her riotous greening. Above ground, farmers page through seed catalogs, steaming coffee at hand, planning out their courses of action.


Soil & Sea: reports from our producers

Learn what's happening with the organic grapefruit and Minneola crops, problems sourcing organic bananas, seafood sustainability upgrades for some snapper, and more.


What's new in store — February 2012

We've got organic citrus to brighten your month — including Honey Gold grapefruit and Murcott tangerines — plus PCC Deli platters 20% off from February 1 to 14, heritage flours and more!


Not-just-summer salmon

Like blackberries, apples and other foods emblematic of our region, salmon have a season. But we can enjoy the fish year-round because they often are canned or flash-frozen right where they're caught, capturing their quality and nutrition.

potato soup

Recipes from the February issue

Ancestral foods, modern dishes

Whether you're interested in experimenting with more Paleo foods (see cover story) in your diet or just are looking for easy, nutritious dishes to add to your late-winter cooking repertoire, these recipes satisfy both.

PCC Board of Trustees report

Board meeting report · Pre-election activity update · Meet the board · PCC renews organic certification · Comments on organic standards


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