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November 2011

collage of producers

Small local producers

by Eli Penberthy, co-editor

The relationships we’re building are allowing both PCC and our farmers and artisans to thrive — and making it possible to bring more delicious local, sustainable food to our tables.

PCC holiday meal

PCC holiday meals

This holiday season invite the PCC Deli to your table.

Our lineup of complete holiday meals will provide fantastic flavor for your celebration. Everything we prepare is freshly made using the best ingredients — sustainably raised meats, seasonal fruits and vegetables, organic grains, flours, sugar and more.

30-year study: organic superior

The Rodale Institute has completed 30 years of its Farming Systems Trial (FST), America’s longest-running side-by-side comparison of organic and chemical agriculture, and the results are in: organic rules!


Spice up your baking

This time of year we’re firing up our ovens to do all manner of baking and many of our favorite recipes just wouldn’t be the same without cinnamon, cloves and other sweet, peppery spices.

early PCC Ravenna

Remembering the early days of PCC

by Leanne Skooglund Hofford

Among today’s nearly 45,000 PCC members, there is just a tiny handful who still can remember back more than 50 years to the days when PCC was a cooperative food-buying club for fewer than a hundred families.

apple muffin

Recipes from the November issue

Homemade muffins and quick breads

We Pacific Northwesterners often warm up on crisp fall mornings with a steaming cup of coffee, and what better way to enjoy it than alongside a muffin or slice of quick bread fresh out of the oven?


PCC Farmland Trust and Theo Chocolate: A delicious new partnership

by Kristin Vogel, PCC Farmland Trust Communications Manager

We are thrilled to present, in partnership with Theo Chocolate, our PCC Farmland Trust Organic Fair Trade Cherry & Chili Dark Chocolate Bar!


Soil & Sea: reports from our producers

November's report is on navel oranges, Wash. apple growers, organic avocados, walnut growers, Calif. almonds, the Asian pear crop, Alaskan salmon and certification of new fisheries in the Americas by the Marine Stewardship Council.

Letters to editor

Giving thanks · Whey protein isolate · Vegan desserts · Supplement ban? · Zero packaging · Seventh Generation, TFA (cont.)

News bites

American Thanksgiving · Coffee cuts risk of depression · Organic farming more profitable · Chew more, eat less? · Seafood labeling fraud · FDA: It’s corn syrup · Scientists: End deep-sea fishing · Clean water · SEC probes Monsanto · Potato disease · Denmark’s fat tax

PCC Board of Trustees report

Board report · Next board meeting · Nominating committee completing work · Ends policies


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