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July 2011


PCC Farmland Trust saves ninth farm

by Kristin Vogel

PCC Farmland Trust is saving another farm. But this latest project is different than some of our past work. This is a tale of continuity, on a larger scale, and with timely regional and political relevance.


Initiative 1130: cage-free eggs

by Trudy Bialic

Dozens of you have volunteered to gather signatures for Initiative 1130, a proposal for the November ballot to ensure all egg-laying chickens in the state are not kept confined in cages.


The shopper’s guide to pesticides

Trudy Bialic, Director of Public Affairs

Read how chemical farming interests are trying to restrict the public’s access to information about pesticides in fruits and vegetables in the July 2011 issue of PCC's Sound Consumer.


Yogurt — delicious, light, versatile

Summer calls for light foods that are easy to prepare and eat — and yogurt‘s just right. Rich in protein and calcium, and topped with fruit and nuts, it makes for a nutritious breakfast or snack.


Duck Eggs — all they’re cracked up to be

by Erica Strauss

Ask someone why they enjoy duck eggs and you’ll likely hear how rich they are compared to chicken eggs. They boast a proportionally larger yolk than a chicken egg, with a slightly higher fat content.


Recipes from the July issue

Make your own popsicles

There's nothing better than an icy treat on a warm summer day, and while you'll find plenty in our freezer case, popsicles are as easy as can be to make at home.


Soil & Sea: reports from our producers

This month we’ll enjoy the first local, organic Lapin cherries, blueberries and leaf lettuce of the season. Local strawberries and raspberries are later than usual but arriving this month! Here’s other news from our farmers, ranchers and fishermen.


What's new in store — July 2011

Local, organic cherries and blueberries — summer at doesn't get any sweeter at PCC! And don't miss our bakery's fresh cornbread muffins, banana cake and granola — now in bulk. Look for more new local products, from Oregon pumpkin seeds to beans to creamy fromage blanc cheese, throughout our stores.

Letters to editor

Non-GMO label claims · Natural beef · Radioactive food? · Plastic contact with organic · Foam trays, plastic in sushi · Organic honey, local honey · Washington raw almonds · Solar roofs?

News bites

Homemade direct sales · Organic chickens cleaner · Farming vs. foraging · Eco-farming can double production · Gardens in Africa · Topsoil going, going · Exploding watermelons · Roundup ban · Mislabeled fish · Drought tolerant corn · GE toxins in human blood · Marketing to kids

PCC Board of Trustees report

Welcome the new board of trustees, PCC election results · Hofford retires from board · Board meeting report


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