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oil rig & mushrooms

Mushroom magic

Cleaning up environmental disasters

by Jim Wells

What if the solutions to cleaning up the most daunting 21st century disasters — such as oil spills and radioactivity from nuclear reactors — involved mushrooms?

girl holding apple

Healthy Kids initiative

PCC has launched a new initiative, PCC Healthy Kids, to reach out to kids, parents, schools and our community through a variety of programs and partnerships that focus on nutrition and fitness.


Sno-Valley Tilth nurtures new farmers

by Erick Haakenson

We can increase the supply of local, organic produce by increasing the number of local farms. The organization of organic farmers in the Snoqualmie Valley — Sno-Valley Tilth (SVT) — is doing this through its Mentoring Program.

Synthetic DHA and ARA in organics?

by Goldie Caughlan, Quality Standards Specialist

The Handling Committee proposed recently to allow any synthetic additives in organic products without review as long as they qualify as “nutrients.” It’s shocking that anyone on the NOSB even would consider allowing synthetic additives without review.

whipped cream

Whipped cream

Here’s a roundup of the whipping creams you’ll find at PCC, with details about what makes each of them stand out.


Recipes from the May issue

Strawberries, pure and simple

Sure, they’re great in a crisp or crumble, or atop a tart, but we think you’ll agree — strawberries are best alone.


What's new in store — May 2011

Spring greens are in full swing, including salad greens, spinach, and our braising mix. Try our delicious Pacific Northwest pole-caught albacore tuna — it's sustainable and healthy, perfect for the grill. Also don't miss 3-packs of PCC Bakery brownies, pints of Three Twins organic ice cream and more!

Jeff Cox

Notes from the Cellar

A little taste of paradise in St. Chinian

by Jeff Cox, PCC Wine Guy

Late morning in the Languedoc’s rugged hills just outside St. Chinian, the growing warmth of a late summer day chases traces of the previous night’s chill. Nadia and the vendangeurs race the sun to pick the remainder of the vineyard.


Delta Farm tour: home of Nash’s Organic Produce

by Charlotte Madsen

On May 14 we’ll be out on the Olympic Peninsula to tour Delta Farm, home to Nash’s Organic Produce and the first farm saved by PCC Farmland Trust. Register now for the tour — a wonderful way to welcome spring and learn from farmer Nash Huber.

Letters to editor

DHA and ARA added to organics? · Understanding organic · Label GMO and CAFO products · Chinese imports · Styrofoam trays · Plastic in sushi? · Plastic produce bags · Wheat-free, Low-fat muffins

News bites

Apple growers oppose GE · GE alfalfa back in court · Waxed apple ban · Apples to Egypt · Radioactive food · Infant advisories · Diet better than drugs for ADHD? · Climate chaos hurts coffee · Quinoa’s popularity takes toll · Organic agents decertified · WikiLeaks exposes GMO pressure

Your co-op

Vote now! PCC Board election runs April 26 — May 19 · 2011 ballot count meeting · Board report · Annual meeting report


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