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The truth about fats

New Additional research on saturated fats »

by Cherie Calbom, M.S.

We’ve survived the era of low-fat diets and learned about the health problems they create, but the media still attempts to guide our thinking that fats can make us fat and cholesterol causes heart disease. The truth is that fats play an important role in our body’s health and some of them can even help us lose weight.


PCC partners with the Non-GMO Project

We know how passionate you are about avoiding genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in your food. It’s why PCC is supporting the Non-GMO Project. You’ll begin to notice signs in our stores identifying products as “Non-GMO Project Enrolled” or “Non-GMO Project Verified.”

Ruth Babcock from Tieton Farm, with her goats.

Tieton Farm and Creamery

The sheep and goats watch Ruth Babcock’s every move as she strides through their pen, stooping to pet a ewe or shoo away an overly curious kid. They know their favorite moment is almost here: when she lifts their enclosure and frees them to surge toward lush, fresh pasture for grazing.

Pumpkins stew

Recipes from the October issue

Pumpkin with panache: Brilliantly orange, pumpkin is nature’s antidote to our misty, gray Northwest fall. It's a shame to limit its great flavor to pie alone.
Kaddu Subzi (Cumin and fennel-spiced pumpkin or butternut squash) · Curried Pumpkin Stew · Pumpkin Mousse


The pursuit of good food — and a strong 2012 farm bill

by Goldie Caughlan, PCC Nutrition Education Manager

But mostly, I turn off the 24/7 approach to news and concentrate on thinking of the “other” unnatural disasters, those which absolutely can be foreseen, and lessened — or avoided altogether. The extent to which they are “under our control,” however, ultimately is up to us and how we decide to proceed to eliminate them.


What's new in store — October 2010

Try take-and-bake casseroles in the PCC Deli, new condensed soups, baby foods and nut butters in our grocery aisles, and locally grown apples and pumpkins in produce.

Jeff Cox

Notes from the Cellar

Autumn, amen

by Jeff Cox, Beer and Wine Merchandiser

Ah, hello again, already. It seems as if you never really left. You tried to slip in, barefoot, through the back door, but a few times around the block have made me wise to that game. I knew you were right around the corner.


Farmland Trust to join global Slow Food community in Italy

by Maura Rendes, Outreach and Education Assistant

This October, Terra Madre, a project of Slow Food International, will bring together more than 5,000 representatives of the global Slow Food movement for the annual 5-day meeting which will be held in Turin, Italy. PCC Farmland Trust has been chosen this year as delegates to attend the 2010 meeting.

Letters to editor

Organic CAN feed the world · High fructose corn syrup · The flavor industry · Grass-fed for omega-3 fats · Apitherapy · No Golden raisins · Roundup saving urban forests? · BPA in receipt paper

News bites

Organic strawberries more nutritious · Regulations to stop “greenwashing”? · Chicken limit increased · GE canola · Cancer feeds on fructose · Pesticide exposure database · Fluoride and pregnancy · Beetle threatens coffee crop · GE salmon approval? · Tractor sales up

Your co-op

Fall member meeting · Edmonds PCC Salmon Safe Certified · Public policy update · Board report · Next board meeting · Upcoming Talk to the Board


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