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Fresh Breeze Organic Dairy

Sound Consumer | February 2010

(February 2010) — The creamy, delicious milk from our local Fresh Breeze Organic Dairy tastes like milk from an earlier era.

Fresh Breeze uses the traditional, slow vat pasteurization process for an old-fashioned, creamy consistency — so you really notice the flavor!

The milk is heated gently in a vat instead of being run through a high-heat system for a shorter time.* The milk is bottled right on the farm, fresh from the certified organic milking parlor.

Fresh Breeze milk comes from a herd of 180 Holstein and Jersey cows that graze certified organic pastures seven months of the year and enjoy farm-grown organic hay and grain in the off-season.

Some of the 400 acres of pasture and cropland near Lynden, Wash. have been in the family for five generations, since Ernst and Teuntje Zweegman arrived from the Netherlands in the late 1800s. Shawn Langley now runs the farm with his wife, Clarissa. Their children are the sixth generation on the farm.

Look for nonfat, low-fat, reduced fat and whole milk; half-and-half; and heavy whipping cream from Fresh Breeze at your local PCC. Fresh Breeze cream also is an ingredient in hand-crafted caramels from Fran’s Chocolates, found in our deli.

*Another PCC vendor, Golden Glen Creamery, also uses the slow vat pasteurization process and bottles its milk onsite.

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