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January 2010


Social responsibility at PCC Natural Markets

by Diana Crane

The start of this new year — PCC's 57th year of service to its communities — is a fitting time to celebrate examples of how PCC gives back to the community. PCC's efforts to demonstrate its commitment to social responsibility reflect an ongoing dialog among members, staff, vendors and community partners. Based on the premise that PCC does well by doing good, the conversation addresses questions about what good; for whose benefit, and how often ... and always, how much?

Report: GE crops increase pesticide use

Many Americans assume genetically engineered (GE) crops reduce pesticide use, and they did, in the beginning at least — the first three years when GE corn, soybeans and cotton were planted. But since then, the opposite is true.


Salt of the earth and sea

by Marilyn Walls

If you think of salt as just the white, granular combination of two simple elements — sodium and chloride — you’re mistaken! Salts from around the world are unique in color and flavor and texture. There are pink salts, black salts, smoked salts and flaked salts.


Recipes from the January issue

Butternut Black Bean Chili · Chipotle Chicken or Turkey Chili · Citrus Arugula Salad


Probiotics: Time to get cultured ... food, that is!

by Goldie Caughlan, PCC Nutrition Education Manager

Today’s frantic, fast, food-fueled lifestyle is a sharp contrast to the deeply satisfying experience of making healthful foods in our own kitchens. I especially encourage you to discover the delicious simplicity of making a few home-fermented foods. It’s a sure-fire way to add culture(s) to your life — double entendre intended!

What's new in store — January 2009

Try something new this year — greek yogurt, soup mixes, bread, coconut milk creamer, bath soaps, kid's cough syrup, and more.

Jeff Cox

Notes from the Cellar

Resolve, et cetera

by Jeff Cox, Beer and Wine Merchandiser

There comes a time when birthdays and brand new calendars make a person think. As more and more calendar pages find their way into the round file marked “history” (not recyclable, sorry), one commences to think even harder.


PCC Farmland Trust welcomes new staff

With heightened awareness of issues such as farmland loss, food security, climate change and sustainability, the trust’s work continues to grow — as does the staff. Introducing Hillary Roberts and Lynne Jordan, newest staff working with the PCC Farmland Trust.

Letters to editor

Preserving ginger · Living conditions for chickens · Humane labeling? · Diet sodas linked to diabetes · BPA in canned food · GE corn-based plastics?

News bites

Organic cattle operation decertified · Coffee before exercise may harm the heart · China approves GE rice and corn · USDA lifts ban on GM papaya · Organic chicken tests safer · DNA tests uncover sushi fraud · France prepares voluntary GMO-free labels · Mediterranean diet reduces depression? · Cultured meat? · Exercise creates brain cells

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