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July 2009


The glycemic index

A tool for healthy diets

by Barb Schiltz and Eli Penberthy

From “The South Beach Diet” to “The Zone,” many trendy diets are based on the concept that not all carbohydrates are the same — some are better than others for weight loss and good health. While common sense tells us it’s good to eat whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables, a tool called the glycemic index (GI) makes it even easier to choose wholesome foods that may aid weight loss and help prevent disease.

children on bikes

Bicycles for Education

by Diana Crane, Director of Sustainability

This month PCC’s community relations department is sponsoring another Bicycles for Education drive. Our goal is to collect 900 bicycles and to help recruit 100 volunteers to prepare the bikes for shipment.

Salad Nicoise

Recipes from the July issue

Salad Niçoise · Green Bean, Walnut Chicken Salad · Quinoa Salad with Cherries and Arugula · Clafoutis


Knowledge is power: We hold the key to sustainable food

by Goldie Caughlan, PCC Nutrition Education Manager

The Cornucopia Institute recently released a new report: Behind the Bean: The heroes and charlatans of the natural and organic soy foods industry. It aims to address the “social, environmental and health impacts of soy,” and to “lift the veil on the widespread importation of soybeans from China and the processing of soy foods labeled as ‘natural’ with toxic chemicals.”

What's new in store — July 2009

We have all kinds of new products making their way to our shelves this month, from fairly traded chocolate to agave-sweetened soda, ice cream made with hemp milk to canned tuna that's been sustainably caught.


Notes from the Cellar

Euphemisms, tall tales and outright lies

by Gofreddo Gallo (a.k.a. PCC’s wine guy)

“If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” Thus spake Mom. And Dad, Grandma, Dear Abby and Ann Landers. Words to Live By. But ... a lie is a lie (or in this case, a big, fat, bald-faced lie*), no matter how much money you spend to buy a forum for your falsehoods or change the definition of the premises upon which your propaganda is constructed.


Seasonal produce

Local, organic cherries

One of summer’s true treats, organic cherries are perfect for picnics and outdoor dining, especially when eaten out of hand. This month, George and Apple Otte of River Valley Organics in Tonasket, Wash. supply us with Lapin cherries — a variety similar to the classic Bing but larger, redder in color and extremely juicy.


PCC vendors and shoppers support the PCC Farmland Trust

By Eli Penberthy

PCC Natural Markets founded the PCC Farmland Trust in 1999 as a way to preserve threatened farmland in Washington and move it into organic production. While the Farmland Trust is an independent, community supported nonprofit organization, over the past decade, PCC Natural Markets — and its vendors and shoppers — have supported the trust in many important ways, allowing both the trust and the co-op to flourish as a result of the partnership.

Letters to editor

Corn sensitivity · Genetically modified foods · Deli packaging · Food supply in a crisis · Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide · Bisphenol-A

News bites

Reusable shopping bags need to be washed · Doctors say “avoid GM food” · GM wheat survey · Immigrant farm labor · Food allergies linked to child obesity · Cold smoked salmon not as healthy · Another case of Mad Cow Disease · Regulate nanotech · Aquaculture protests

Your co-op

PCC 2009 election results · Board meeting report


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