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March 2009


A rowdy year in agriculture

by Stephen Bramwell

Events related to food and farming, both organic and otherwise, have been somewhat astounding over the past year and a half. From world food riots to frantic price fluctuations for fertilizers and bold language by leaders at home and abroad, the first decade of the 21st century is on its way to leaving an indelible mark.

trash can

Garbage: Rethinking the need for bags

by Nancy Alton

It’s ugly to admit I have loved the free plastic bags I got from stores. These bad-for-the-planet sacks have lined my kitchen waste container for years. It was the prospect of a proposed 20-cent-per-bag fee at Seattle’s grocery, drug and convenience stores that made me change my wanton ways.


Recipes from the March issue

Crumbled, grated, baked — a little bit of artisan cheese can go a long way toward adding a zip of flavor into just about any dish. Celebrate the world of cheese with these recipes by PCC Cooks instructors: Italian Frittata · Goat Cheese Tostas · Tortilla Black Bean Casserole. And enjoy this recipe using fresh greens: Greens with Citrus and Raisins.


The pleasures of the seasonal plate

by Goldie Caughlan, PCC Nutrition Education Manager

During the popular Walk, Talk and Taste tours given in PCC stores, we nutrition advisors frequently encourage eating mostly “seasonal” foods, especially produce. Shoppers often are confused about what the term “seasonal” actually means, however, and why it is important.

What's new in store — March 2009

Discover the products that are new to PCC in March. From PCC's new line of muffins to a variety of grocery items such as juice and nutrition bars, we have a great selection of new items in our stores this month.


Notes from the Cellar


by Jeff Cox, Wine and Beer Merchandiser

Circling the first roundabout leaving the airport in Montpellier, you encounter the common directional sign indicating Toutes Directions. “All directions,” literally, or “everywhere,” applying just a soupçon of license. Everywhere. I like that. Like Alice’s looking glass, it feels like a portal to a sensory and spiritual buffet, an invitation to feast on soul food à volonté.


Seasonal produce

In between the seasons

Our produce department still abounds with citrus and seasonal greens and it’s easy to spice things up with just a little creativity. Dried fruit is one great way to add a spark of flavor, providing a healthy burst of sweet and added texture.


Farm tours mark the 10th anniversary of the PCC Farmland Trust

by Kelly Sanderbeck, Communications & Development Director

Beginning in June, take a farm tour on one of the trust's properties to learn about the land and the source of our food as the Farmland Trust celebrates its 10th birthday.

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