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June 2008

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Why buying local matters

Going to the source

by Viki Sonntag, Ph.D.

If all of us committed to buying more locally grown food, how much of a difference do you think it would make? For sure, local farmers would be happy. But it doesn’t end there. Local communities also stand to gain in a big way.

three farmers

More organic advantages

The good news about organic food and farming just keeps coming.

The good news about organic food and farming just keeps coming. Researchers from Iowa State University are reporting that a long-term study shows organic practices outpace chemically based farming in yield, profitability and improved soil quality.


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Saving salmon through your local garden center

by Erika Schreder

Next time you visit your local garden center or home improvement store, you can do something very simple that would help protect our native salmon. Take a look around the pesticide section and make sure the store has posted signs identifying certain pesticides as hazardous to salmon.

Recipes: Summer in a pocket

These delicious recipes by PCC Cooks instructors are a great addition to your summer menus all season long: Falafel with Tahini Dressing · Lamb Souvlaki · Orange-glazed Salmon Kebobs


$ense and cents-abilities: How to choose and use foods wisely

by Goldie Caughlan, PCC Nutrition Education Manager

As food costs spiral upward, food shoppers who place nutritional health first will need to redouble their efforts to get the most food value from every food dollar spent. The time-honored advice for sticking to a food budget always has been to “shop with a list” of perishable and non-perishable foods you need ...


Notes from the Cellar

On the road (continued ...)

by Jeff Cox, Wine and Beer Merchandiser

(Montpellier, France) — Sévérine Lemoine has wine in her blood, the Rhône in her soul and a delicious story to tell.
(Chico, CA) — Throckmorton sighs heavily as he drops his sleep-deprived frame into the passenger seat.


Seasonal produce

Spring into summer with fresh local fruit

One of the best things about summertime is the fresh fruit. While you can jazz up fruit by incorporating it in a side dish or turning it into a dessert topping, it’s really never better than straight off the tree or vine.


The complexities of farmland preservation

by Kristin Vogel, PCC Farmland Trust Administrator

Saving farmland is not just challenging and expensive: it’s also an art. Learn about potential projects that the PCC Farmland Trust is working on currently, and perhaps their biggest and most immediate project and partnership with Pierce County in the South Puyallup Valley region.

Letters to editor

GM sugar beets · Dietary supplements · Applause from Indiana · Bisphenol A · Plastics and food · Taking out the garbage · Keeping produce fresh

News bites

Nash Huber wins national award · “Natural” body care standard · Consumers still choose organic · Home Depot Canada phases out pesticides · Genetically engineered corn recalled · Organic certificate online · Schmeiser settles with Monsanto · U.S. Supreme Court upholds Monsanto · Fish farming in marine sanctuaries?

Your co-op

Annual membership meeting · Election outcome · Board meetings


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