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May 2008

Hand with pills

Is diet enough? The case for supplements.

by Tom Ballard, R.N., N.D.

As a nutrition-oriented doctor, I’m asked this question continually. Many people — even my own colleagues — believe diet is enough to maintain health. Sad to say, the evidence no longer supports diet alone for keeping us healthy.


New evidence confirms organic food is more nutritious

Here’s something that chemical companies and industrial agribusiness don’t want you to know: An analysis of nearly 100 peer-reviewed studies concludes, yes, there is sufficient quality research to confirm the nutritional superiority of plant-based organic foods.

potato chips

The appestat and binging: Why you can't eat just one

by Nancy Jerominski

Have you ever wondered why you can’t eat just one chip or cookie? Do you struggle with extra pounds even though you’ve reduced your daily calories by choosing low fat foods, plenty of grains, and dutifully doing your cardio?


Eat well, choose PCC Farmland Trust farmers

by Kathryn Gardow, Executive Director, PCC Farmland Trust

Produce from the PCC Farmland Trust farms are available in PCC stores. This article discusses which farms produce and where other products come from. Plus, join the Trust at a benefit for the PCC Farmland Trust at Comedy Underground on May 20.

Diacetyl and bisphenol A: Peeling the onion

by Goldie Caughlan, PCC Nutrition Education Manager

The layers of emerging food contamination issues bring PCC's nutrition education manager to the point of tears.

Letters to editor

Social justice for farm workers · Support a sustainable Farm Bill · Fair labor GROW bananas · Bisphenol A · Magnesium sources? · Non-organic grapes in winter · Same product, different ingredients

News bites

Local Farms, Healthy Kids bill passes · City of Seattle eliminates bottled water · Tracking cloned meat · Organic farming can feed the world · Pesticides killing songbirds · Hawaii halts ban against GM coffee · Tree theft · Germs get worse in space · Canada declares BPA dangerous

Your co-op

Notice of 2008 ballot counting meeting · Vote now · Board report · Meet the candidates virtually and in person · To our loyal members


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