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March 2008


Global warming & food choices

A guide to low-carbon eating

by Natalie Reitman-White and Sarah Mazze

Are you stumped by which has a lower carbon footprint: chemically grown Washington apples or organic New Zealand Fujis? Do you wonder which is worse for the climate: processed soy or pastured beef? The abundance of our choices ... depends entirely on a steady supply of fossil fuels.

PCC challenges natural food industry:

Commit to full disclosure of food ingredients and sourcing

For many years, PCC has advocated for the right of consumers to know where their food comes from and what it contains. Last month PCC took another step toward giving shoppers the information they want and deserve.


How you and your home can be healthier

Maintaining good indoor air quality

by Diane Cortese

Having good indoor air quality is one of the main ways you can have a healthier home. Indoor pollution comes in many forms including allergens, dust, pets, household cleaners and formaldehyde.


In perpetuity: the long haul of land stewardship

by Kristin Vogel, PCC Farmland Trust Administrator

Since the inception of the PCC Farmland Trust, the urgency to save farmland has intensified each year. Development, sprawl, skyrocketing land costs, pollution — these are just a few of a long list of forces that threaten local, small-scale sustainable agriculture. It’s vital that we continue to pool our resources to secure and preserve threatened farmland.


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