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February 2008


The organic advantage

by Karen Lamphere

Shoppers who buy organic food do so for many reasons, including a belief it’s better for you, wanting to avoid pesticides, and a desire to support better environmental practices. But is organic food really more nutritious? Is there proof? Overall, is organic food worth the higher price?

banana worker

GROWing a community one banana at a time

by Cristina Vaamonde

It’s one thing to enjoy delicious organic, fair trade bananas as a consumer. It’s another to see first-hand how PCC’s bananas sold under the GROW label are produced and what the GROW program means to the farm community that produces them.

children on bikes

Building community with Bikes for Education

by Marilyn Walls

The relationship between the Alaffia Sustainable Skin Care Company and PCC is all about providing quality products and building community — from one co-op to another. Now Alaffia and PCC are working together for Alaffia’s Bikes for Education program. It involves collecting used bikes and shipping them to the Alaffia community in Togo, Africa, so the children can get to school.


Taking stock of seed in February

by Kathryn Gardow, PCC Farmland Trust Executive Director

Every February, many of us take stock of our seeds from the previous season and begin to plan our summer garden. Farmers do the same thing, considering what sold well last year and what varieties are available this year. But where the seeds come from is very important.