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December 2007

1920s building

The first modern co-op

The Rochdale story

by David J. Thompson

In December 21, 1844, the Rochdale Equitable Pioneers Society opened a small store in England with five items and little fanfare. It was the beginning of the modern cooperative movement. Let’s step back in time to understand the forces that created cooperative history.

Shop for social change with the Puget Sound Community Card

Many of us shop at PCC knowing that our purchasing decisions make a difference and we deliberately vote with our dollars. Now, PCC is a partner and sponsor of a new initiative that promotes shopping at local businesses and invests a percentage of your purchases back into our communities.

people at a table

The holiday dilemma: meeting the dietary needs of guests

Your brother and his wife are coming for dinner with their two children who are gluten intolerant. Your cousin and her new partner have become raw foodists — although you’re not really sure what that means ... These situations can be challenging for even the most versatile host. What are our responsibilities in meeting the dietary needs of our guests?


Celebration time at the PCC Farmland Trust

by Kristin Vogel, PCC Farmland Trust Administrator

This month's article gives an update on the Challenge Grant and we're very happy to report it was an outstanding success. Also, easy ways to donate to the Trust and announcement of the upcoming Delta Farm Tour in January 2008.


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