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Sound Consumer | July 2007

2007 election results

The ballots from the 2007 board election were counted in a public meeting on May 28. Here are the results:

PCC Board of Trustees

Alexander Rist: 1,369
Chantal Stevens: 1,346
Kelly Horton: 1,051
Buzz Hofford: 880
The top three candidates are elected to three-year terms on the Board of Trustees.*

PCC Nominating Committee

Paul Schmidt: 1,353
Eva Childers: 1,335
Kim Norton: 1,310
Deanna Theiss: 1,302

All four candidates were elected to a one-year term on the nominating committee. The board also will name one of its members to serve on the committee as called for in our bylaws.

A total of 1,698 valid ballots were cast, representing 4.4 percent of PCC’s active membership. Quorum for the election was 1,157 votes (3 percent of 38,550 active members). Thanks to all members who voted!

Member satisfaction survey

Results of the recent member satisfaction survey are, well, pretty satisfying!

The March 2007 survey was conducted by Gilmore Research 18 months after the first member satisfaction survey in 2005, which provided a baseline to measure changes. Findings will be used to identify ways to improve the shopping and membership experience. Here are some key results:

  • On a seven-point scale, at least seven in 10 members rated PCC a 6 or 7 for satisfaction as a shopper (75%), as a member (70%) and with PCC overall (71%). These findings are unchanged statistically from results in 2005.
  • Nearly all PCC members (92%) said they probably or definitely would become members if they had to do it all over again — again a result similar to 2005 survey findings (94%).
  • Close to nine in 10 members (87%) said they were likely to recommend PCC to family members and friends, on par with findings in 2005 (87%).

Board chair Bob Cross notes, “This survey confirms the overall view that our members believe PCC is meeting their shopping and membership needs. We’ll continue to mine the results for ways we can do even better.”

The board was pleased to see an uptick in how members evaluated the quality and quantity of the board’s communication to them. Members also felt they had more ways to make their voices heard.

To conduct the survey, PCC provided contact information for 3,000 randomly selected members to Gilmore Research. These members were sent a letter asking for their cooperation. Gilmore Research interviewed 602 members by telephone. The maximum margin of error when all responses are considered together is ± 4 percentage points.

Public education and policy

  • PCC Nutrition Educator Goldie Caughlan led a discussion with a Methodist women’s group on sustainability issues; provided nutrition and health training to parents at the South Seattle Community College co-op pre-school; addressed managers at Starbucks about sustainability in food choices; and offered a presentation on organics before the Washington state Senate Agricultural Committee.
  • PCC Director of Public Affairs Trudy Bialic attended the Washington state Pesticide Advisory Board meeting to explore research in sustainability with pesticide applicators and officials from the departments of Agriculture, Ecology, Fish and Wildlife, and Health; and led a discussion at the University Friends Meeting House on ethical choices in grocery shopping.

Board report for May 29

At its May 29 meeting, the board appointed Buzz Hofford to replace Kanwal Kaur, who is resigning. Hofford will serve the remaining year of Kaur’s board term.

When a board member resigns, PCC bylaws call for the nominating committee to recommend a replacement. Having just completed a vetting process that produced four candidates for the 2007 election, the committee recommended that the board consider Hofford, who had the fourth highest vote total.

“I’m really grateful for the chance to serve and look forward to working on the board,” said Hofford.

Kaur is resigning because she has been accepted into a graduate degree program at a prestigious business school abroad. “My time on the PCC board taught me much and I have an even higher level of respect for the work our co-op does and the impact we have on our region,” said Kaur. “I know that Buzz Hofford will serve our members with passion and integrity.”

Board chair Bob Cross thanked Kaur for her service on the board and congratulated her for accepting this new challenge. “We will miss Kanwal’s energy and enthusiasm, but we completely understand her decision.”