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PCC Farmland Trust Challenge Grant

Pay for Ames Creek Farm, make room for the next farm

Sound Consumer | July 2007

Ames Creek farm

(July 2007) — A small group of dedicated PCC Farmland Trust supporters has created a special opportunity for saving farmland. They’ve joined together to create the Ames Creek Challenge Grant. This grant will allow other donors to increase the value of their donations by 50 percent.

From July 1 to November 1, every dollar donated to the Farmland Trust — up to a total of $40,000 — will be matched by 50 cents. If the trust can raise $40,000 by November 1, then the challenge will be met and that $40,000 turns into $60,000 quicker than you can pluck a parsnip out of the ground!

David Ahlers says of his family’s contribution to the challenge grant, “Nash’s Carrots are the best carrots in the world (in my humble opinion), and I’m thankful for the role PCC had with Nash staying in business.

"Our family visits one or two organic farms a year during the harvest season as well as shopping for fresh produce at PCC and farmers markets, and it’s wonderful being able to buy healthy food grown locally. When we heard about the PCC Farmland Trust, it seemed like a great opportunity to keep that local connection alive.”

The goal of this challenge is to pay off all we can of the Ames Creek loan as quickly as possible. (Ideally, we wouldn’t have to take out any loans to save farmland, but the truth is that the bulldozer never sleeps!) The sense of urgency is building because we want to be in the best position to leap for the next farm when the opportunity arrives.

We have set foot on soil that may indeed end up becoming the next farm, our fifth. If you’d like to help us reach the goal, please donate online or mail in a payment to:

PCC Farmland Trust
4201 Roosevelt Way N.E.
Seattle, WA 98105

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