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July 2007


Food safety: Watching the watchdogs

by Goldie Caughlan

You may start seeing stories in the media about what the government will do to improve food safety. Good ideas may surface, evidence suggests that more than regulatory tweaks are needed. According to the Coalition for a Stronger FDA, a Harris poll last year found that consumer confidence in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has dropped sharply in recent years.


PCC Farmland Trust Challenge Grant

A small group of dedicated PCC Farmland Trust supporters has created a special opportunity for saving farmland. They’ve joined together to create the Ames Creek Challenge Grant. This grant will allow other donors to increase the value of their donations by 50 percent.

flooded barn

Flooding farmers out of the Snoqualmie?

by Erick Haakenson

As one who farms in the shadow of the Seattle metropolitan area, it’s gratifying to hear the mantra “local and organic” with increasing frequency ... The single largest and unspoiled piece of agricultural land in King County is the Snoqualmie Valley Agricultural Production District (APD). It would seem that those of us who farm in the APD and grow organic produce should have before us a bright future. Unfortunately, that may not be the case.

The PCC Farmland Trust logo

Stepping onto good soil

by Alicia Lundquist Guy

This month's article talks about the various events of the PCC Farmland Trust throughout the Spring. Also includes mention of the Ames Creek Challenge Grant, which allows matching funds for all donations made to the Trust from July 1 through November 1, 2007.