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May 2007

Body cream

A campaign for safer bodycare

by Samia McCully, ND

Consumers generally have wised up that toxic chemicals have been added to our food, water and air, but they generally aren’t aware that beauty and body care products also may include a chemical cocktail.

Co-op elections: Why they matter

A lot of people, including some PCC members, need to understand better what’s great about the cooperative business structure. It’s not always obvious why people should care about voting in annual PCC co-op elections.


Detox: what we know and what we can do

by Karen Lamphere, MS, CN

Detoxification diets that aim to rid the body of toxins are more popular than ever ... Do these diets and supplements work? Is it possible to cleanse the body safely from toxic buildup?

The PCC Farmland Trust logo

Bennington Place tour showcases sustainable ranching

When the tour guests arrived, 115 people gathered in the field, listening intently as Joel Huesby told of the history here ... The crowd walked the fields of Bennington Place, talking to one another and forging relationships. Many of the guests were PCC Farmland Trust supporters, eager to see what we have been able to accomplish.