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March 2007


Pharmaceutical food crops

(In a field near you?)

by Karen Perry Stillerman

Ask the people around you if they think genetically engineered (GE) food crops that produce experimental drugs should be grown in Washington and chances are they’ll say no. Then tell them a Canadian biotech company has applied for a permit to grow more than 1,000 acres of drug-producing safflower in eastern Washington this spring.

No trans fats at PCC. Are restaurants next?

by Betty Merten

Since January 2006, when the FDA required nutritional labels to list the trans fat contents in processed foods, consumers have been able to make informed choices about trans fats at grocery stores ... Now, at the request of Mayor Greg Nickels, the King County Board of Health is working to eliminate trans fats in Seattle restaurant food. At issue is how to do it.

Children planting trees

Earth Day 2007

This year, International Earth Day marks its 27th anniversary on March 21. The U.S. Earth Day celebration is coming up on April 22. Although the glamour and media coverage of years past may not be as evident today, Earth Day celebrations will take place in neighborhoods, schools, college campuses and cities worldwide, including Seattle.

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Spring into action!

Join us on March 31 for the Bennington Place farm tour! Information about registering for the tour. Also agricultural statistics on farmland lost to development.