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December 2006

Hands holding world

Sowing seeds of gratitude

by Debra Daniels Zeller

Is the planet on your gift list this season? If not, ponder this: the earth sustains 75 billion tons of life. This place we call home is a complex living system, an interactive network of water, rock, soil and air.

Co-op collage

Flood relief fund for Ames Creek farmers

The PCC Farmland Trust has established a fund to help farmers at the Ames Creek Farm recover from devastating floodwaters last month. Shoppers can donate right at the registers of any PCC store to the Organic Farmer Fund for Emergency Relief (OFFER).

People dishing up food

Creating culture and health around the table.

Of goat ribs and food festivals

Autumn on the farm is a feast and a celebration. The gathering chill and sharpening angle of the sun seem to persuade us, whether we like it or not, to slow down and lay on fat.

The PCC Farmland Trust logo

Giving for the common good

2006 was a very busy year for the PCC Farmland Trust ... Now PCC members and other Farmland Trust supporters are generously coming forward with donations to pay down the loan that allowed us to acquire the Ames Creek Farm. With your help, we can mark this year as a great success in fulfilling the mission of the PCC Farmland Trust.


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