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October 2006

People at Hogsback Farm

A new generation of farmers

by Stephen Bramwell

The pioneers of sustainable agriculture were marked by a combination of daring chutzpa, cultural irreverence, environmental sensibility and opposition-be-damned determination ... In the last 10 years, this conviction has rubbed off significantly on aspiring student-farmers, young and old alike.

Farm in Costa Rica

Rewards of fair trade

by Diana Crane, PCC Community Relations Manager

October is Fair Trade month and retailers, restaurants and media across the nation are spreading the word about the fair trade movement. It may seem like a lot of hype, but the simple concept of paying small farmers fair prices for their products is worth the attention.

Commercial development sign in corn field.

Protect Washington farmland: Issues with Initiative-933

by John Williams

Protecting working farmland from urban sprawl never has been easy, but it will become even harder if Initiative 933 passes in November. Initiative 933 would create a “pay or waive” system that would force taxpayers either to pay off certain people to follow laws that already are on the books, or make local communities waive those protections.

The PCC Farmland Trust logo

PCC Farmland Trust

Ames Creek Farm tour, announcing the new directors of the PCC Farmland Trust — Kathryn Gardow and Alicia Guy, Ames Creek Farm Salmon-Safe restoration project, and the 2006 Vim Wright Stewardship Award win by Nash’s Organic Produce.