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November 2005

Hoiday turkey with herbs

Setting a sustainable table

How can we have a more meaningful holiday this year?

by Christa Gardner

You can feel it in the air this time of year — as the days darken, we turn inward, slow our pace, and preparation for the holiday season begins.

Setting a sustainable table

In our own backyard

by Christa Gardner

The collective effort of many individuals who commit to supporting local and sustainably grown foods can make the vision of sustainability a reality. Choosing products from local growers and producers can help us set a truly sustainable holiday table, and landscape. Luckily for us, our regional backyard provides all that we need.

Three farmers

Subsidies vs. nutrition

by Trudy Bialic, editor

With a new U.S. farm bill expected in 2007, some agricultural advocates are saying that government farm programs should be linked more closely to nutrition goals. The Department of Agriculture’s new food pyramid suggests, for instance, that half our diet should be fruits and vegetables, but the U.S. government doesn’t subsidize farmers who grow those foods.

Cheeses from Golden Glen Creamery

Farmstead cheese at Golden Glen Creamery

Sustainability profile

by Debra Daniels-Zeller

Golden Glen Creamery at Vic Jensen and Son’s Dairy in the picturesque Skagit Valley just celebrated its first year of cheesemaking in August. Now PCC shoppers can reap the sweet rewards.

Thyroid health: A weight loss advantage

health & wellness

An under-active thyroid gland might be the reason you can’t lose weight. Because many of the[se] symptoms are general or seemingly unrelated, many health care professionals do not think about sluggish thyroid as a potential cause, and the condition goes undiagnosed and untreated.

The PCC Farmland Trust logo

Delta Farm joins local activists to save farmland

Nash Huber and the crew at Delta Farm have teamed with Clallam Citizens for Safe Food to pass Proposition 1 on November 8. This proposition will enact the Buyer Excise Tax (BET) to save farmland in Clallam County. Also in this month's article - read about the "Thank your local organic farmer" fundraising.