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Leona Bronstein sponsors new Bennington Place challenge grant

Sound Consumer | March 2005

by Stephanie Taylor, Director, Farmland Fund

(March 2005)

Leona Bronstein sponsors new Bennington Place challenge grant

The PCC Farmland Fund is launching an important new campaign over the next two months to pay down the Bennington Place loan. One of the Fund’s most generous benefactors, Leona Bronstein, has pledged a $20,000 challenge grant. This means that for the next two months, Leona will match all contributions dollar for dollar to raise a total of $40,000.

Last year, the Fund successfully raised $70,000 from a challenge grant sponsored by Ms. Bronstein and the Quixote Foundation. We still have $135,000 to pay on the loan. Leona says, “My mission is to be part of a movement to preserve farmland. Hopefully other people will see that it’s good for all generations. I consider it my reward.”

Bennington Place is the second farm to be rescued by Farmland Fund donors. It’s located in the Walla Walla Valley and leased to the Huesby family. They raise grass-fed, grass-finished livestock and poultry in an open pasture environment with no growth hormones or antibiotics. The land has just been certified organic.

Joel Huesby recalls Leona’s first visit

Back in September 2004, Leona Bronstein and her daughter-in-law, Robin, came to meet our family at the Bennington Place and to discuss my farming philosophy and vision. We took Leona and Robin in our pickup truck to the central high point of the Bennington Place for a panoramic 360-degree view of the protected property. From there we could see the encroaching development a mile away to the north, and 16 miles beyond that, the town of Walla Walla.

We enjoyed the Blue Mountains spreading to the east, the bottom pastures and wild areas where ducks and migratory birds visit to the south, and the 460 wind generators turning on the hills to the west. A genuine friendship has evolved between us over the months. When I’m in Seattle, I make a point to stop by and visit her. We carry on engaging conversations that range from our limited time in this world to do good, to diet and health issues, to lifestyle choices. We never have a shortage of worthy topics! My life has been blessed and improved in many ways by knowing Leona. She’s a great friend.

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