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March 2005

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Food Security

by Cameron Woodworth

Food security has become a popular buzz phrase in recent years. The issue became prominent in the 1970s when international officials began working to ensure that the world’s people all would be fed. By 1986, the World Bank defined food security as the “access of all people at all times to enough food for an active and healthy life.” To those of us in the sustainable food movement, the term has come to encompass a host of sustainability issues as well.

An update on benefits: Meeting our members’ needs

Save 10% on the shopping trip of your choice — now a permanent member benefit. After listening to member feedback and carefully evaluating the cost of PCC’s 10 percent flexible shopping discount over the past six months, we’re happy to report that starting April 1, it will be a permanent part of our member benefits package.

Three girls celebrate at Vegetarians of Washington's annual Vegfest.

Vegfest: delicious, healthy and sustainable

Join PCC and Vegetarians of Washington for a celebration of healthy, delicious food choices at the fourth annual Vegfest. Taste dozens of free samples, enjoy cooking demonstrations, and learn about the world of vegetarianism from physicians and dieticians. Admission is $5 for adults and free for kids 12 and under.

Co-founder Will Fantle, The Cornucopia Institute

Reader beware: understanding the corporate attack on organic farming

As organic food consumption has grown 15 to 20 percent annually for the past decade, a disturbing trend has appeared: mainstream media stories smearing the health and safety record of organic food and disparaging organic farming practices.

Say no to Ironite

Public health and environmental advocates are asking some popular home and garden retailers to stop selling Ironite, a fertilizer that’s reported to be heavily contaminated with arsenic.


Controlling slugs with coffee

Nature magazine is reporting a new, safer method to control slugs and snails in the garden — the double espresso. Researchers have found that slugs and snails just hate caffeine.

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Leona Bronstein sponsors new Bennington Place challenge grant

This month's report includes the new $20,000 pledged by Leona Bronstein, employee matching gift program, merchandise that benefits the Farmland Fund, and the donor roster for January 1-31, 2005.