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January 2005

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City Farming

by Nancy Schatz Alton

A new year gives us a chance to take stock of our lives — and our hopes and dreams. For one local family, their dream took root on a tiny plot of land in Bellevue.

'PCC members, save 10% on the shopping trip of your choice - extended through March 2005.'

Member benefits: We'd like your comments

Over the past five months, PCC has been exploring ways to make our membership program more meaningful to members ... Our board of trustees would like your input on member benefits as it plans a retreat on this topic later this month.

PCC plastic bag

Paper, plastic or cloth — What kind of bag do you use?

Paper or plastic? Which type of bag is more environmentally sound? Is it better to cut down old-growth trees and tropical rain forests to make paper, or is it better to use oil to make plastic bags that choke animals, clog sewers and aren't biodegradable?

Elizabeth Walker, Ph.D.

The sunshine vitamin

You don't need me to tell you that in a typical western Washington winter, we don't get enough sunlight ... But you may not know that as a result of this sun deprivation, more than half of us may be clinically deficient in vitamin D.

The Misterlys' Nubian and Alpine goat

Quillisascut cheese: locally handcrafted farmstead goat cheese

Artisan cheese making always has been at the forefront of Washington's sustainable agriculture movement, and for nearly 20 years, Rick and Lora Lea Misterly have been working to keep that movement strong.

PCC Farmland Fund logo

A new year and a renewed focus for the PCC Farmland Fund

This month includes a report about the importance of family farms, and articles on Dungeness Organic Produce, Sunfield Farm update, Bennington Place News, Full Sail Brewing, the Employee Matching Gift Program, and the donor roster for November 1-30, 2004.


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