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Letters to editor
Sound Consumer | September 2004

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Growing PCC

Has anyone ever thought of bringing PCC to Tacoma? I mean, there is definitely a market here for a PCC market. Perhaps the perfect location would be the thriving Sixth Avenue Business District — which, by golly, just happens to be the HOTTEST and hippest spot to be in Tacoma. (Yes, even more so than the up'n'coming downtown area.) I tell you what, before anyone writes off T-Town, just check it out! For starters, visit these Web sites: www.sixthavebusinessdistrict.com and www.downtowntacoma.com.

I know many of my fellow home-owning neighbors would instantly become members if PCC was here! So, how about It? Give us a chance!
— Shannon James

Randy Lee, chief financial officer:
Thanks for your encouragement to open a store in Tacoma. Not surprisingly, our members and shoppers write from all over Puget Sound asking for a store closer to their homes. A new store opening is a major investment for a company of PCC's limited scale, but we're still looking throughout the region for prime candidate sites for the next PCC. And while neighborhoods in Tacoma are definitely included in the list of possibilities that we'll evaluate in the months ahead, we are also looking at many other sites in Seattle, on the Eastside, south King County, and to the north of our current stores.

In time, we'd like to have a PCC in every neighborhood that could support and enjoy one. That would be good for all of us as members (pooling more buying power) and good for the consumer cooperative model.


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